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debaxish 2019-12-20 02:09:41
absolutely perfect, even at least volume the output is impressive. bass is not great enough, found little less compared to wired in ear headphones. around 50 minutes music play costs 32% battery which around 2 and half hour playback time hypothetically. charging time for changing bank is not mentioned nowhere, even in the booklet. in line with input at 5V, we should use normal charger and must avoid new 15/18 watt fast chargers for better life cycle. microphone is not sweet to the caller if you are in a crowded place, need to raise the voice a little bit, however while driving or in a room it is not that bad enough either. at this poce point, the product is good enough to carry out day to day activities. design is perfect, output is just just below excellent for less bass (from my expectations). few important notes should have been mentioned in the booklet i.e. charging time, stand by time or usage time (which may vary based on usage).
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