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  • gribes
    2016-04-18 02:17:43

    J'en ai déjà acheté en 0,3 et se cassent immédiatement car trop fins. J'espère que le 0,4 sera plus adapté aux buses capricieuses de ma Replicator 1 (La qualité du filament y est également beaucoup dans le bourrage). En tout cas vu le prix je n'ai pas hésité.

  • 2016-06-11 13:43:14

    They are perfect for cleaning the nozzle on my 3D Printer, a Must have if you have a 3D Printer.

  • Mikesu
    2017-10-20 04:11:29

    Good produc, very good. Nice cool. All i wanted. I recomended. Cool!!!

  • GaryG
    2017-09-27 18:27:30

    Should do the job as long as the blockage isn’t past the nozzle.

  • 2020-02-29 09:27:06


  • airon
    2020-01-14 12:17:59

    sehr gute wahre

  • renaud
    2017-09-30 06:04:28

    Well I bought these parts to clean the nozzle but I am not sure to use them... Finally I also bought new nozzles from bangood. I think it is a bit dangerous to use these tools with a dremel because there is a risk (really thin metal parts turning at high speed) and it is better to wear gloves and lenses to protect your eyes. Anyway i will try it to see if I can save my nozzle. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  • domacio
    2015-12-15 11:00:07

    Nada que objetar, el artículo es tal cual se describe, la única pega es que si no te fijas al comprar (como me pasó a mi) tendrás un juego que no te hace falta, pensé que venía pasos de todas las medidas y resulta que la caja es de la misma medida (0,4 en el caso de la que me llegó y yo uso boquillas de 0,2)... En fin, fue culpa mía que no me fijé..

  • 2018-03-12 14:18:22

    Product description says 0.2, 0.3. 0.4, .5mm nozzle cleaning kit but it looks like I got all 0.4 mm in this set. Will work for my purpose, but if you really need different sizes I would check with supplier

  • Quibus
    2016-03-23 06:12:54

    What can you say about is? Just a couple of very small drill bits. They come in a box which was hard to open, but should give adequate protection. Nevertheless there was one needle already broken on arrival.


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