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BG184645475 13/10/2021
This is was my first order from Banggood and I am happy to report that the whole experience was painless. No probing for personal details, no hard sell, no dark patterns in the website - great! And, unlike the company I was dealing with for years until quite recently (they went out of business), I was kept well informed by emails of where my shipment was and the estimated date was 'bang' on! Actually, the earliest estimate of the range given, so that was awesome. Fast delivery using just Canada Post. The actual rotary tool is much as I expected - I did not expect a heavy duty Dremel-brand device for 15$! It will suit my needs perfectly well. The only problem I have is that someone forgot to pack most of the box. You can see in the first image what I expected in the form of accessories. The second image shows the little I actually received: 2 identical colettes and one abrasive bit. That's all I got, so that was quite disappointing. I assume whomever packed the box was tired that day or whatever, so I am not going to give the product a poor rating, but banggood should get on that supplier to improve their order fulfillment for sure. So, product 4 (discounting the fact most of it was missing) and service and logistics a solid 5 each. I will order from Banggood again to give a fair chance. gemlog, Terrace, BC, Canada
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