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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • 20/03/2018

    This is excellent once you get it working. It is very similar to the NeoPixel rings and work in the same way. . Unfortunately noone has so far put any instructions on her as to how to get it working, so they are now below... This works with the NeoPixel Example sketch "RGBWstrandtest" if you connect it up correctly. Connect the LED Ring "GND" to the GND on the Arduino as well as your Ground of your power source. Connect the 5v on the LED Ring to a power source of between 3.5v and 5v. (the Arduino can only supply enough power for a few LEDS to be on at a time). Put a 1000uf 10v capacitor between the 5v and GND of the LED Ring to buffer the power at start up. Connect the LED Ring "Data In" to Pin 6 on the Arduino. Put a 470 ohm resister between the Arduino pin 6 and the data line of the LED Ring Change the Arduino code to the number of LEDs on your LED Ring, and make sure the data pin is set to Pin 6. This should now work. The image is from the Adafruit web site (I hope they are ok with me using it)

  • 14/05/2019

    easy to use and works very well with Adafruit_NeoPixel library !! each led can consume 50mA (Max) so choose an enough powerful source unit if you use many of them

  • 06/12/2017

    PRO: cheap, usefull CONS: none

  • 11/09/2019


  • 19/07/2019

    up to now only tested. Endapplication will be done in one month

  • 27/04/2019


  • 06/03/2019

    all ok, slow shiping but ok

  • 08/02/2019


  • 27/12/2018

    All perfect!*****

  • 05/11/2018

    Very nice for this price.


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