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  • February-20 2020 00:54:56

    Nice product... Easy to install and to use. You will need a case for on wall use. In my case i just print one.

  • December-05 2018 03:19:11

    I use it in a heating system and I'm very satisfated. The stove is a wood stove and I can controll the temperature with it for get hot water in the ground floor or first floor. You can change the temperature point a several time in the same day ad for each day of week, For esample it is possible to get up radiator of first floor when the ground floor reach the range of 20°C. When range crash down in the groud floor the thermostat cut of the first floor and get on the ground. It's very easy an good..

  • October-15 2019 06:07:20

    funciona muito bem bom produto

  • February-27 2019 01:54:35

    item arrived today , looks good cant wait to test it out

  • October-30 2020 11:31:19


  • March-07 2018 11:31:36

    I use it to run an electrically heated radiator with water inside. So I can determine the room temperature as well as the maximum temperature of the heater itself. It is well designed and works great. All I did add is a safety switch in case of disfunctional overheating (bimetallic interruptor at 70 degrees celsius).

  • January-03 2018 23:42:07

    This is a great product and will give me greater control of my heating system. Intuitive to use and shows the time and temp all the time not just when you press the button. Only problem is after 1 hour of usage it now trips the earth leakage breaker when the load is installed. I assume this is a one off fault and will be overcome by a replacement product.

  • July-02 2019 03:28:44

    хорошее качество. заказываю второй раз. доволен. единственный минус - если свет выключают, то сам датчик приходится включать вручную после подачи электричества.

  • January-22 2018 22:56:49

    Используется для теплого пола. + Удобство установки. + Удобство в настройке. + Точность контроля. + Внешний вид.

  • July-15 2019 09:42:03

    I recieved the product. Everything is alright. Thank you!


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