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  • December-12 2019 06:05:23

    Overall, a good product, however it came without any information and instructions. How a beginner should figure out what to do with it? Now, I have used a similar putty but from a different brand and it took a lot more for it to set after I combined the two components. This one set very fast. I wanted to create a big mold, so I needed a lot of putty and before I could actually combine the two well enough it started to set resulting in a grainy stiff block. Therefore, I had to throw out about about

  • October-03 2020 07:49:49

    perfect for making small molds

  • June-23 2020 13:21:51

    Could have been cheaper. Otherwise, works as advertised. Really great.

  • June-04 2020 09:12:44

    boa relacao preco qualidadfe.

  • November-09 2018 09:54:35

    I used it to mold a bottle, it is quite quick (about 10-15 minutes of working time, before it hardens) but keeps hardening for about a week. Finally, it gets rigid like tire rubber or a little softer, which am happy with.

  • February-23 2018 18:25:23

    I used this putty to get an accurate profile of an old molding that I desired to replicate. The putty mixed easily and set soon after I had applied it. It peeled away easily and produced a good profile that I could readily work from to produce what I needed.

  • March-24 2019 21:05:30

    This is high quality

  • October-19 2017 23:22:05

    This is really good, works just as it should and you get a decent amount of product.

  • August-28 2017 10:42:28

    I tried it. I made a nice baking mold. It is good for high temperatures. He has stood the test several times. Try it out.

  • November-10 2019 14:23:07



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