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  • July-23 2020 19:15:41

    caixa chegou amassada, mas, não danificou nada. produto funcionando perfeitamente.

  • February-26 2018 10:50:33

    Hace un tiempo tuve problemas con un equipo de aire acondicionado que consumía mucha corriente y espero que este producto me ayude a controlar y monitorear el consumo eléctrico. Es pequeño, está bien terminado y espero que cumpla su función. En la zona donde vivo hay bastantes problemas de cortes de energía y a veces baja tensión, este producto me ayudará a estar pendiente de ello. Solo falta instalarlo y probarlo. Muy contento con la compra.

  • August-15 2018 13:44:33

    Ватметр клёвый и даже работает хоть и упаковка была слегка помята но что можно ожидать от картонки в конверте и даже не в пупырчатом.

  • April-18 2018 14:33:02

    много добра покупка. Стоката пристигна бързо в България. Много съм доволен от покупката. Сам си сглобих това от снимките.

  • May-16 2017 02:36:30

    The power monitor works well but with one disappointing feature. It measures power consumption from 0 to 9999 watt hours with a resolution of 1 Wh. Then it switches to kilowatt hours. But when it does, the resolution is lost. It displays 10 kWh when it could have displayed 10.01 kWh. So between 10kWh and 11kWh there is no useful display information. I do like that this model does not require the current sensing coil that the 100A model needs. It simplifies wiring.

  • November-01 2016 12:24:23

    Today I opened the package and I put the product on the desk. I returned after about 3 hours and the display shows that in the attached images (with a black spot), although this time there was no one in the office. I really don't understand what happened !!! I say that I did not get to test product functionality. I think the display is bad quality or suffered during transportation from China to Romania. And when I thought I was so happy that package arrives !!! But now, in these circumstances, I

  • December-01 2016 09:23:24

    photo 1 P=UxI ( Watt=Volt x Amp ) 4,27 Amp X 233 Volt = 994,91 Watt NOT 641,5 Watt !!! vacuumcleaner on slow ( 1 ) photo 2 P=UxI ( Watt=Volt x Amp ) 5,23 Amp X 233 Volt =1218,6 Watt NOT 1203 Watt vacuumcleaner on high ( 2 )

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  • February-22 2017 14:01:04

    Монитор получил через 16 дней. Зачет продавцу. Работает хорошо, показывает почти точно, т.е. точность выше 1 %, изменения напряжения отрабатывает быстро. Хорошее устройство для измерительных целей.

  • September-22 2016 15:12:28

    wattmeter measures fairly accurately. Minimum displayed value of current is 10mA, but sensitivity of the device is better Ваттметр измеряет довольно точно. Минимальное отображаемое значение силы тока равно 10мА, но чувствительность прибора больше.

  • January-09 2019 07:10:08

    Handy little meter that seems to be quite accurate with its reported voltage and amperage reading. the only complaint I have is the viewing angle is limited to pretty much 90 degrees on the horizontal plane. other than that minor annoyance it has been a neat addition to my project.


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