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mr_lore 2017-11-16 08:35:42
This is a great little set but it does not match the description (here and on the box both say 22 channels). Mine has 8 channels and no animal sounds (just various bleeps). I suspect it is the European pmr version at 446 MHz but there is absolutely nothing on the devices that would hint at that. If you google bf-t3 there is mention of a pmr version. I am from Europe so it is actually quite OK but still it does not match the description.
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  • Banggood Dear mr_lore, Thank you for choosing Banggood and sorry for your any inconvenience came up with the product. If the product is any different from our description or if you have any after-sales problem with the product welcome to contact us:http://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111 We will try our best to help you solve the problem you met and issue a proper solution for you as soon as possible. Hoping your kindly understanding,we wish you have a nice day.

    2020-10-25 06:05:33
  • Schiksie Same with mine, range is 3km and no animal sounds at all ( which seemed nice for the kids). Also strength as described in the manual ( press menu 7 times) is not available on my version.

    Cevap 2017-12-04 10:22:34
  • banggood @Schiksie Dear customer,
    If you need any technical supports, please contact us:http://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111
    We will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

    Cevap 2017-12-04 21:05:50
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