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  • 2020-02-07 01:17:52

    bon produit pour le prix

  • Erwin
    2017-03-04 13:28:51

    I didn't expect them to have a capacity of 1200mAh so they did however other brands which I have bought were sold as 2000mAh and did have only a real capacity of 26mAh. Their capacity. Out of 4 cells after 3 charge recharge cycles. 1th: Cell 790mAh 2nd: Cell 611mAh 3th: Cell 583mAh 4th Cell 538mAh However the are better than expected ;-) So the can be bought.

  • elis16
    2016-11-16 04:27:06

    These accus made by Meco are not of so good quality as are their small flashlight.. Tito podvodnicki obchodnici mazu hodnotenia, ktore sa im nepacia. Tak nemozem napisat, ze kapcita nie je ani stvrtinova - vid obrazky. Zmazali to uz dva razy. Tiez nie su ochotni riesit problemy, len slubuju. Pozor na nich.

  • pbertra
    2016-06-08 07:36:20

    I bought a set of two of these batteries: - one was dead (0.12V, the charger of course refuses to charge it) - the other one has a cherger measured capacity of 350 mAh Moreover, remember that these batteries are unprotected. Together with the two previous remarks, I think they are completely unsafe! I requested a reimbursement... I'll see what happens

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  • 2018-04-28 09:34:22

    Very good 1200mAh 14500 batteries. I have never proven its capacity but for the use I give it is more don sufficient. For example in a flashlight, very good light and durable Another good Banggood product. Thank you Banggood

  • miwok
    2017-07-29 14:30:57

    These batteries are OK to use in flashlights. Be careful not to overdischarge them though - they don't have any protection circuitry. The real capacity is about 500mAh checked with iMax B6. They weigh about 20 grams each. They are the same diameter as AA batteries but slightly longer. Thanks

  • jesus
    2016-03-13 15:12:12

    Estas baterias de lition de 3.7v tienen una capacidad real cargada de alrededor de 600 mAh, lo que no esta nada mal para ser del tamaño de una AA. El comportamiento es lineal en torno a 3.5-3.8v, se calientan muy poco. 100% recomendable

  • Teodoor
    2016-01-06 12:32:23

    Хорошая замена щелочным батарейкам и аккумуляторам. Напряжение не проседает до самого конца.

  • 2017-08-17 21:43:36

    Емкость естественно меньше заявленной, но так и ожидал... судя по цене. Брать можно. Емкость аккумов из пары в упаковке. Один 736, второй 477мА.

  • 2019-01-05 08:24:40

    Пока не проверял. Но внешнему виду, все соответствует заявленным характеристикам.


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