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vinod 2018-09-06 13:20:45
All these days, i was having trouble to pay the amount by pay pal, but after launching... bangood.in, i got confidence to purchase and the payment by debit card method. now i received the product,, which i was waiting in 15 days.. and prompt delivery.. and really, i am happy of your bangood.in services.. now i m loving to do shopping on bangood .in simply...just i may get addicted now for shopping only on bangood.in... really, with this my first order.. i am very much happy. and first item that was came from abroad..specially means imported... by clearing all hassle free immigration and custom duties... how simple your bangood. service became with in 6 months... it was a lot of change... hope from india you willl get near about 70 crores of coustomers from 130 crores. wishing you all the best for bangood.in. We loving you.
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