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  • January-22 2020 04:39:13


  • January-13 2020 23:53:11

    Hızlı ve kullanışlı

  • March-06 2020 08:11:38

    quite nice, lots of values

  • January-01 2020 00:00:19

    Look OK. Not tested

  • September-04 2017 07:06:16

    The main plastic bag has inside 30 small bags with the 300 zeners divided by the voltage value. The voltage is written on each envelope and sometime it is not easy to read, but everything is as promised. The precision, measured with the TC1 tester, it is acceptable. good value for money. i diodi sono contenuti in 30 piccoli sacchettini di plastica con scritto il valore di tensione e talvolta è difficile leggerne il valore, ma tutto è come da descrizione. la precisione misurata con lo strumento

  • September-06 2016 17:44:41

    Buena variedad, aunque algunos son valores poco usados pero se agradece tener un espectro amplio. Pasé 5 minutos contando el contenido de todas las bolsas y PERFECTAMENTE LLEGARON 300 PIEZAS, INCREÍBLE!!! no faltó ni uno. 👍 Tuve que volver a escribir sus valores en las bolsas porque los indicados ni se entendían. Una rápida comprobación a tres zener a alzar ha dado valores dentro de sus características.

  • February-20 2018 03:58:05

    Delivered really fast. I think the packaging could be better (there was no bubble or foam cover) but everything received OK. Everything is as promised and the price is unbeatable. I look forward to start using these zeners! Satisfied again!

  • September-09 2016 10:08:01

    Good set of 30 values of Zener diodes. But the packaging is poor since it is not antistatic and it allows the legs of the diodes to be bent. And some values are a bit hard to read since most of them are handwritten...

  • May-23 2017 00:39:05

    I'll probably never use some of the higher voltage zeners; however, considering that a package of 5 zeners from Radio Scrap costs twice as much as 300 of them from Bang_good I don't care. I knocked off a star because a lot of the individual package markings were hard or impossible to read. One package had no marking at all. I was able to determine that it was a bag of 11 volt zeners by applying a bias voltage to the diode and measuring the voltage across the diode. Compounding the issue is that

  • January-04 2018 12:36:24

    I received all the items in good condition. I appreciate the supplier for the proper product I received as I saw in the online market of Banggood. Banggood is most popular market in online world. Some time it is difficult to make a payment that I need to purchase thru. When I choose other shipping method products prices are increasing which making me upset. On the other hand, almost all services are ok. only the thing who want to purchase he/she need to understand properly regarding payment method,


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