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  • aasbras
    2020-09-08 05:55:18

    exelente lezer para podermos fazer pequenas esprencias . só uma nota vem sem baterias um pequeno inconviniente que teremos de tratar de pois de resto recomendo a sua compra

  • gas38
    2018-08-02 07:26:23

    Excellent produit, très robuste. Correspond exactement à mes attentes. La diode laser est de très bonne qualité. Je précise qu'il s'agit d'un violet, donc contient des Ultra Violets dangereux pour la vue ! Beaucoup de commentaires parlent du faisceau peut visible. C'est normal, je le répète c'est du violet (405nm). Pour rappel, le spectre visible par l’œil est de 0,4µ et 0,7µ (400nm à 700nm). https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectre_visible Mais attention, la puissance est tout de même

  • XenLau
    2016-05-31 23:29:06

    Forgot to order an 18550 battery so I cannot comment on the laser itself. So, this review is about the construction and the appearance of the body of the laser. It is bigger than the specs listed. At its shortest, it is 148 mm long. With the adjustable lens at the farthest extension, it is 154 mm. Diameter is close to 24 mm. It is a pretty big and fat laser point. It is made of 4 pieces: focal adjustment, main body, battery compartment extender(?), and the end cap. The end cap has a poor finish, with

  • US
    2018-10-09 15:05:05

    Does not come with Battery! Very nice finish, works as expected. Battery goes + toward laser, - toward lock (No label). Does have spacer so 18650 or 16340 battery will work. Lock is cute, would keep small children from harm. Zip code was in wrong place on shipping label, belongs after state, took approx 50 days to get here.

  • 2018-04-25 09:43:31

    When the product arrived it was as expected, a li-ion powered over 100 mW purple bluish laser that worked, the overall quality of the item is as expected for a $5-6 laser, the aluminium threads are loose, the focusing cap doesn't lock into place and wobbles the locking key may or may not work, the beam quality is not top notch. I mean, you aren't going to use this laser for anything scientific, and if you can overcome some small issues with the build quality like I like to do, this item is perfect,

  • rudini
    2017-11-12 03:00:15

    A solid pen and a powerful LASER with a 5mW-label for this incredible price! But be careful - its blue light just is not perceived very strong by our eyes (a weak green laser just seems to us humans to be much brighter). At a distance, our eye even can no longer focus the perfect focused laser spot - but it is there. This ray even burns white paper very fast if it is well focused and contains a charged good battery. The black letters immediately go up in smoke. One point deduction only because the

  • Kajetan
    2017-05-27 12:25:07

    Very good laser, it light maches and burn dark materials. The beam is already visible in shadow and clearly at night. It react with some materials (because it almost ultraviolet). Power... input current is 200mA, so, if the laser diode driver have eficiency about ~90% it have about <360mW output power. (laser diode eficiency is about 50-60%)

  • 2017-03-01 02:08:52

    recu dans les temps,correct

  • 2018-04-24 11:53:53

    Works as advertised and adjustable focus works great too.

  • Markus
    2016-02-20 06:56:18

    Shipping was slow to Germany. Waiting for it for ca.6 Weeks. The Laser works fine, but adjusting focus is difficult. When adjusting is done, it can burn Wood. Lightning more than1 Kilometer. The Secure Keyswitch disconnect Battery fo raccidented activation of the Laser. All O.K. Thank you !


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