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  • 02/06/2017

    Just received the (very) little SANWU 2x50 amp hooked it up on a small 12v/15 ah power adapter that i had from a old externel Harddisk back in the day..... Put my two old ( 12years) ELTAX 80 watt speakers on the receiving end as soon as the amp receives power it ( the build in) Bluetooth starts to blink red/blue in my SAMSUNG S4 phone the device can be seen under the name SANWU click on it to pair with it the blinking light goes a steady Blue you hear a short (not loud) beep to confirm the coupling started a song from Spotify and guess what? The music strats playing immediatly in a EXCELLENT real " Hifi" quality! Unit can get incredebly loud has very tight and low bass very flat and distortion free sound excellent stereo depth and with no hiss overall sounds like a real hifi amp should sound. I would know because i have been using very "high end" audio in the past like NAD Harman kardon musical Fidelity ( class A) so you can cook an egg on it and even a KRELL back in the day.....amazing what a couple of years and " globalisation" can do. So try this unit out even if your hifi buddies tell you that this cant be good trust me IT IS!

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  • 11/10/2017

    FANTASTIC POWER AMPLIFIER very well manufactured circuit, the bluetooth connected very easily with my phone. I powered the unit with 12Vdc and connected to the ouput terminals two 8 Ohms loudspeakers; after 30 minutes at normal listening volume the heatsinks were still cold. The sound quality is good and there is not evidence of distorsion at my listening volume. I will do some mesurements with my oscilloscope as soon as I can, but till now I am very impressed about the performances of this small amplifier. superb! circuito molto ben fatto, il bluetooth si è collegato molto facilmente con il mio telefono. Ho alimentato l'unità con 12Vdc e collegato ai terminali di uscita due altoparlanti da 8 Ohm; dopo 30 minuti a normale volume di ascolto i dissipatori erano ancora freddi. La qualità del suono è buona e non c'è alcuna prova di distorsione al mio volume di ascolto. Farò alcune misure con il mio oscilloscopio non appena potrò, ma finora sono molto impressionato dalle prestazioni di questo piccolo amplificatore. superbo!

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