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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • June-24 2016 22:46:32

    The accordion like silicon is awesome, the spoons measures feel like a cheap material but the cups measures are perfect.

  • September-15 2020 23:32:07

    Good product

  • July-13 2020 05:34:15

    مره ممتازه وسهله التخزين .. نفس الصوره

  • May-17 2016 06:27:18

    I have been reviewing these two products for about a week, I really these two product they are easy to clean dich washer, I like how you can just scoop them smooth for just the right measurement because we make are BBQ sause and you know that has no room for arror and you make cookies cakes and so much more.

  • May-17 2016 06:26:37

    If your kitchen is anything like mine, space is always limited. I am also always looking for new innovative gadgets to try out. These measuring cups were perfect! They are easily cleaned, bright vibrant colors, and best of all collapsible! These are now easily stored and my go to cups now. The kids even are offering to help with the baking with these cool little things. I'm very satisfied with this product.

  • May-17 2016 06:25:49

    I love love these measuring cups!! They are perfect for any kitchen and can be stored just about any where. I love how they clean well and I can toss them in the dishwasher when needed. We've usually lost all of our if a few weeks but these are all attached and hang by our stove. I love the measuring spoons. They are easy to fit into spices when needed

  • May-17 2016 06:25:15

    Work great! I've got a few too many kitchen gadgets and these measuring cups are great becaue they don't take up too much space in my drawer. My old cups kept getting caught when I'd try to open my drawer and half the time I couldn't find them because they would fall over the back of the drawer to the cabinet below. Another nice feature is the collapsing helps with getting thicker items like peanut butter out, just push up from the bottom and run a rubber spatula over it.

  • May-17 2016 06:24:26

    There is something really cool about this set. I just like the measuring cups and spoons. I do a medium amount of cooking, part of the duties of being a cheap Dad of three kids under 10 who can't afford to go out a lot. I also have a problem some of you might relate to.... alack of storage space. This set really collapses and folds up nicely. It is easy to clean and has been through the dishwasher multiple times with no issues I like that instead of one cup, I can prepare multiple amounts of different ingredients and not have to wash the cup out before adding another ingredient. The spoons store nicely as well as they fit in each other with no issues. My daughter loves the cool, vibrant colors and I have been able to persuade her to help out cooking, I doubt that will last long.

  • May-17 2016 06:23:04

    You can never have too many baking utensils – especially measuring cups and measuring spoons. Just when you think you have enough, you melt one, or bust the handle off, or any number of things can happen. I personally end up with all of them wet, and then need to measure flour or sugar. I was very excited to get these silicone ones, because of the way that they collapse and basically take up less room for all of the than my regular measuring cups. The measuring spoons all nestle together, and take up very little room also. They work great, clean easily and do not hold any taste or odors. I’ve used these a couple of times so far, and really love the way that they just pop right open, wash and dry easily and pop back down to store. I really hope these last a long time. If so, I’ll be switching more of my measuring cups over to this type.

  • April-19 2016 13:09:34

    I've been wanting some collapsible measuring cups. These worked fine for measuring my water and flour today. They were easy to handle, washed well and dried well. The inside ring caught flour and when I dried them. I had to take the cup measurement apart to remove the flour. It went back together fine. Guess if I use it again for flour I will have to do this. I did remove them from the little red thingie. I like them separated. Flour is fine and dusty anyway. Measuring spoons worked okay. I didn't try to separate them. Not a biggie though.


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