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İncelemenin bir kısmı otomatik olarak çevrildi.

  • 04/04/2021

    The product generally exactly, what I expected. Fairly easy to assemble ( <2 hours ), all tools incl. in the package. As a new user of laser engraver, it took time ( 2-3 hours ) to get the necessary information to start. Some condition are not mentioned - the zero position have to set always manually, no electrically designated home position, - in the package there are sample materials and no words about its purpose, - the focusing process is not described at all Anyhow, the downloadable LaserGRBL software is working correctly under Win10/64 OS. It took time to recognize, the text files must convert to .jpg before it should be used. I recommend deeply to view the tutorial 'Engraving myth and truth video ' ( image enclosed, the blue item is on the bottom of the LaserGRBL app UI ). I have 3 small complains: - the position scale in X-Y direction is perfectly painted, but the counterpart sign on the moving objects are missing. I had to paint it manually on both item with a white pen to make it usable. - the laser head height adjustment need to use the special hex wrench. It would be better a longer and manually useable big head screw. - the controller unit sockets are on the top of the box. It is unpractical. I added a second pair of socket to the side to use a canvas cover when the unit is out of use. It is more convenient. Finally I got some parts which are not usable ( or did not explained its role ).

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  • 28/01/2021

    S laserovým gravírovacím strojom som spokojný. Dodanie bolo rýchle - 11dní a pekne zabalené. Skladanie bolo jednoduché a isto to zvládne aj menej zručný. Diely sú pekne opracované, konštrukcia je pevná a je krajší ako na fotke. Prvé gravírovanie sa zmenilo na rezanie, ale po správnom nastavení programu som bol s výsledkom spokojný a prišiel som na to, že na väčšie obrázky alebo rezanie treba gravírovací stroj odvetrávať. Vyskúšal som aj popis na ovocie, ale eloxovaný hliník a antikor som zatiaľ neskúšal. Spotreba energie pri plnom lúči bola zhruba 30w čo súhlasí s popisom. Dúfam, že bude mať dlhú životnosť.

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  • 26/02/2021

    Arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. Does not come with operating instructions, though. You have to look those up yourself. Read the power settings for your material before starting, as this laser is fairly powerful and may end up engraving far deeper than you imagine it would. Cuts paper well, engraves wood very well and was very happy with the anodized aluminum engraving.

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  • 08/09/2021

    What a great machine! Got mine in 5 days on the expected date. The assembly was really easy if you follow the instructions provided. I already made some nice creations. It is a great hobby device. It cuts 3 mm plywood with a few passes. All depending on speed and power settings. I am expecting to make a lot of nice personalised gifts. It would have been great if the machine had end stops. But for the price I can not complain. I got this device for my hobby model building. But now I have got a complete new hobby with this machine.

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  • 01/04/2021

    great laser, very easy to build and setup, lots of info on YouTube. built loads of little things with my boy. etches glass, cuts wood and leather, prints photos on wood

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  • 29/12/2021

    Everything works great. I am very happy with this laser. Cut 3mm plywood in 3 passes. Great machine for my hobby.

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  • 30/10/2021

    Comme convenu livraison à la date prévu, bravo. Super emballage très soigné. Montage facile avec le manuel fourni, explications claires et précises. J'ai enlever une étoile à cause d'un point négatif, je suis dubitatif sur la puissance du laser, d'après les caractéristiques mentionnés sur le site, la puissance de sortie du laser est de 5.5-6W, et j'ai reçu un laser d'une puissance maximum de 5W, voir les photos, si vous pouvez me donner des explications, je suis preneur

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  • 06/01/2021

    ürünün kalitesine diyecek söz yok yazılımı çok değişik kolay değil Türkçe olması lazım ufak tefek hobi işlerin de iş görür. 30 w olanı aldım ama uygulamasında en fazla 20 w var kimden nasıl yardım alacağız bilemedim

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  • 16/12/2020

    Ürün elime 8 günde geçti. Kurulumdaki adımlar için parçaları ayrı ayrı paketlemişler. Bu sayede kurulumu çok kolay oldu. LaserGBRL programında birkaç ayar yaptıktan sonra güzel sonuçlar aldım. Eksi olarak da cihazda kapatma düğmesi ve limit switchler bulunmuyor. Bunlar da sonradan eklenebilecek şeyler oldukları için sorun etmedim. Genel olarak güzel bir cihaz.

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  • 11/01/2021

    Unbelievable. Arrived from China to the UK faster than I can get things i the UK. But what is even more surprising is the quality of the assembly. Each step is shown in a clear glossy booklet and the screws and small parts for each step are in sperare envelopes. Makes things easy to start with. There is more Every screw and blot, aligned perfectly. No slight adjustment of angles. Even the tools - Alan keys and Spanner where or a higher quality than you would get with self assembly furniture or from a cheap store. The alan keys are so strong you can bend them (why would you want to?). The spanner is not simply pressed out of a sheet of metal but is strong and thick. I looked at the software before the Laser engraver arrived, a bit of a mistake. wait until it is connected it makes more sense. I was cutting words and snowflake shapes out or card very quickly. Wood takes a bit more practice and I think the addition of an Air blower would make a lot of difference. You cannot use this in the house without a fume extraction system. Even with thin Card it will soon make the room and house smell of smoke. I have mine in a box now and a vacuum cleaner sucks the fumes to the outside. Simple.

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