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  • 12/06/2020

    very good colours and picture quality if the input signal is full HD especially if you play 4ķ demo videos from YouTube, very bright, the input lagg is noticeably only if you connect it to pc or console and play some fast game.. and the focus is not perfect, there is blurry corners especially if the projector is not straight..

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  • 30/06/2020

    Ezért az árért tökéletes(170€). Az anyaghasználata szerintem megfelelő.Végre nem a fényes gagyi műanyag.Nagyon könnyen és finoman állítható a fókusza.Napsütéses szobában is lehetett látni a képet.A benne dolgozó hűtőventilátor kellően halk.És ha nem rakod ki a hangot erősítőre akkor is élvezhetően,szépen szól és van hangereje a saját hangszóróinak.Én egy 2m széles vászonra vetítek. Itt azért már előjönnek a tipikus hibák. Van minimális korrigálhatatlan torzítás és valamelyik sarokban minimálisan halványabb a kép. De ezt filmnézéskor észre sem veszed!!! És ami nagyon szimpatikus , hogy végre HDMI kábelt adnak hozzá. Ha nincs 1500€-d egy profi projektorra de szeretnél elfogadható minőségben(natív 1920x1080) nagy méretben filmezni akkor érdemes kipróbálnod.Én Cseh(CZ) raktárból rendeltem és gyorsan ide ért.

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  • 26/01/2020

    my first projector AUN AKEY 6 is good lamp life 30,000, elctronic keystone function 150w power,full hd 1080p, no custom duty india, price is good

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  • 22/04/2020

    The projector is good, i mean if you can play with the colour contrast etc a bit, it will show the images better. Physical vertical keystone is half working, i mean you can tilt the image vertically down but upwards is not working, the keystone does not rotate easily to tilt the image, digital keystone is doing the job, you can tilt the images up to 50 degrees horizontal and vertical. Material quality is good. Another problem is when you put the projector on a flat surface, the image top side is not horizontal it is a bit tilted. You can try to rotate the image a bit digitally but it is not perfect. It is a price/performance project.

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  • 01/04/2020

    I received the package after 10 days in perfect condition. The quality of the projector is very good compare to the price.... it is true that you have a very flexible keystone correction, however, if the projector is not in a central position, with the keystone adjustment, some section of the image will be out of focus ( probably the edges ).The brightness is very good but unfortunately right now I do not have any projector screen in order to test the product carefully. The number of the menu options is not big but the important and necessary ones are there. I personally like the built in speaker, do not think that is like a soundbar but the sound cover all the frequencies and the volume is good enough to enjoy all the type of videos. The fan make a noise that is easily covered from the sound of the speaker. The remote is perfect because it sends the signal in all direction. Overall I am very satisfy and happy with this product... I think that is one of the best projector on the market in his price segment.

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  • 20/03/2020

    Horizontal keystone correction claim is misleading since it is only digital resize of image therefore you use resolution and even worse you will not be able to focus the whole frame correctly. The same menu also includes vertical keystone and rotation but it is same just image manipulation. Please assume you only have vertical keystone correction (mechanical adjustment) and focus adjustment. Other than this misleading advertising it is good quality for the price.

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  • 22/02/2020

    i m in shillong.. not delhi.. it is not been delivered to me yet..

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  • 13/07/2020

    I'm satisfied. valve for money.

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  • 25/05/2020

    Absolutely fantastic for the price. If you feed it 1080p+ content the picture is great; I have been pleasantly surprised by both the picture quality and how much light it is able to deal with whilst still producing a decent picture, when paired with a decent quality projector screen. Image adjustment is slightly more limited than more expensive units but there was still enough there to deal with my weird setup and ceiling mount it. Regarding ceiling mounting: get the projector first and measure the mount holes before you buy a ceiling mount kit. The distance between the mounting holes is smaller than any other projector I've used; we had to do some custom fitting to get this to fit our existing kit as even at minimum adjustment the bracket was way too big. Built-in speakers are a lot better than expected but up to this point I haven't found a way to use them at the same time as everything connected to my receiver; I've played with all the HDMI options on both the projector and my Yamaha RX-V485 and it seems if you use HDMI for your audio source via receiver then this silences the built in speakers even if you tell it to allow HDMI audio on both...a weird quirk somewhere. There is around 3.5 metres from my ceiling mount position to my screen and to be honest, it could do with being ever so slightly closer when using a 100" screen. I was able to reduce the image size via the projector and get everything to fit but in an ideal world you'd want it slightly closer to the screen. Whilst image quality is more than adequate for a fantastic movie watching experience, there is a fair level of blur in the corners of the projected image when viewing text which cannot be adjusted out. You will end up having to increase the font size on whatever platform you are projecting so that you can navigate properly. I wouldn't want to use this for business presentations etc but brightness, colour reproduction and overall picture quality far exceed the sale price. Happy!

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  • 12/02/2020


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