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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • July-12 2020 05:57:59


  • December-17 2016 21:31:38

    Schnelles kleines Farbdisplay mit kleinen Fehlern. Das Gute: mit der Ucglib kann man wirklich schöne Displays realisieren. Mit Farbverläufen, jeder Menge Fonts und Formen. Auch Adafruit hat speziell für den 1331 eine Bibliothek entwickelt. Hier hat es zwar keine Farbverläufe aber den kompletten Funktionsumfang der GFX Bibliothek. Ein kleiner Schönheitsfehler ist aber anzumerken. Die Farben sind nicht ganz "echt". Die Rottöne sind sehr überbetont. Das fällt aber im normalen Betrtieb kaum auf...

  • December-29 2016 07:10:24

    This display works fine on NodeMcu, but you need to modify slightly the Adafruit library as so : In Adafruit_SSD1331.h add the following lines as shown here : https://github.com/tectiv3/Adafruit-SSD1331-OLED-Driver-Library-for-Arduino/commit/0b8507eb7ba5ed2d5f51a456a2f061fb2bd0ed20 Then copy-paste the exemple test.pde in an Arduino sketch and change the #define BLACK 0x0000 and the following lines as so : long BLACK = 0x0000; Last, define the pinout like : #define sclk D5 #define mosi D4 #define

    Yorumlar (1)
  • June-23 2017 11:34:10

    It was easy to get running with the Adafruit libraries. A couple of hours of playing around with an Arduino Uno and I have my world's tiniest oscilloscope. The ADC inputs make it pretty low bandwidth but I think I can tease a pretty high speed digital logic scope out of of the digital pins and using timer interrupts.

    Yorumlar (1)
  • August-03 2018 13:01:26

    Finally I've got time to test it. Actually it's was very easy to test since the Adafruit SSD1331 library included a test example. Contrast is excellent (unlike in my photos) just like colors. However it's small and beautiful colors just don't compensate for the smaller resolution and smaller size. Also for this display quite many wires are neeed. For my use the best would be the 1.3" yellow/blue dual color or real color 128x64 OLED display but unfortunatelly this kind of display is not sold. Nevertheless

  • February-02 2018 05:13:05

    Datasheet is available online which includes details of graphic acceleration commands for lines and rectangles. Library code is available online which includes text generation but I am simply using digitalWrite(pin, HIGH/LOW) to drive the 5 inputs of the display. With 6144 pixels, each requiring 2 bytes, it is necessary to clock in 98304 bits serially which can take a while (unless using graphic acceleration commands or only writing to a portion of the display area). Each pixel requires 5 bits

  • December-19 2017 06:46:37

    Trouble free and cheap full color OLED display. Tested with Arduino nano and Adafruit SSD1331 library.

  • July-11 2017 10:31:02

    I've manage to get work with an ESP32 in few minute. The result is nice. The only thing that may be enhanced is the screen size...

  • November-07 2016 04:58:37

    Well packed and good RGB resolution. Works on Arduino Uno and ESP

  • February-08 2019 12:40:06

    J'ai testé l'écran avec un croquis Arduino fournis en exemple: SSD1331 test. L' écran fonctionne très bien.


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