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  • August-07 2020 14:14:15

    un packaging perfectamente embalado y presentado. Trae un estuche con un gran número de repuestosvy herramientas. La impresora, viene pre-ensamblada, tan solo hay que poner 4 tornillos y 3 conectores. En mi caso, todas las poleas y escéntricas venían completamente ajustadas. En 10 minutos, estaba montada, calibrada e imprimiendo.

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  • November-11 2020 05:18:52

    Très bonne imprimante, livrée en France en 5 jours environ à partir de CZ. Le produit est bien protégé dans son carton, c'est le même cartons que vous pouvez voir dans les déballages sur youtube. Elle fonctionne parfaitement avec notice en français (+EN, CN, DE, ES, IT et RU) et les accessoires que l'on voit sur la photo (clé usb, outils d'assemblage et de réglage, nappe et galets de rechange, câble usb et un petit circuit imprimé pour ajouter l'auto leveling. Une petite bobine de PLA

  • July-07 2020 23:43:36

    very good printer. set up in around 10 minutes. all motors and bearings where pre-installed perfectly. no need to adjust anything. bed leveling took 3 turns, as the bed was screwed down a lot and adjusting one corner effects the others as well. the quality of my first prints where better than expected, even with cheap PLA. the steppers are very quiet, but the fans are quite loud in comparison to the steppers. still way more quiet than any other 3d printers for this price. I would definitely but it

  • June-28 2020 08:37:45

    The Printer arrived in great condition and assembly was easy and quick. the first print out of the box was successful. The software in the bundle is nice but a bit difficult to set up as the information for Mac is not included and there are no setting files available. I started to use other software where I could find support and settings online. The printer may need a bit of tweaking. It is very quiet, but at some movements becomes noisy, when internal parts start to vibrate. I might have to open

  • June-27 2020 00:23:32

    🇮🇹 facile da montare, poca calibrazione da fare. bisogna stare attenti solo a trovare il giusto setting con lo slicer ed escono delle stampe da paura. livellate bene il piano da schiacciare bene il primo layer, altrimenti si staccherà dopo un po’. fate attenzione con la usb che danno a corredo, è molto lunga e ci si può sbattere dentro. consiglio di sostituirla con una più piccola e meno ingombrante. 🇬🇧 easy to assemble, easy calibration to do.

  • June-12 2020 09:36:15

    I purchased the Artillery GENIUS in May 2020 and it has exceeded my expectations. There are many competitor 3D Printers that are more expensive than this one but to be honest I am delighted with this product and would highly recommend this to others (I have no connection with, or sponsorship from, Banggood - but I do like to buy from them). The things I liked about the GENIUS were:- 1) Construction was extremely simple - four bolts plus making a number of connectors. 2) The build is robust and the

  • March-14 2020 04:10:00

    Awsome! I love it! I am a totally noob in 3d printing, the Genius is my very first 3d printer and I do not have any experience in 3d printing. I bought it because it was said to be very silent, what is extremely important for me. And: This printer is silent, silent, silent - you wont believe! My aquarium makes more noise. You could even place it in your bedroom, every ventillator or air condition makes far more noise. It came packed extremely well and secure. Assembling is a thing of minutes, only

  • November-19 2020 14:08:13

    Arrived quickly with 10 days from CZ. Well packed no damage to printer. Assembled within an hour: the left hand sensor plug at the bottom, was not taped and it was in the way. Worse the X axis motor plug was out inside the blue cover (see photo). I had to remove the cover and re plug it. The bed needed quite adjustment of the eccentric rolls. The bed leveling is quite difficult to achieve as all screws affect each other. I had to perform it a few times until it was satisfactory. Printed the cube with

  • November-19 2020 02:12:21

    Muy fácil montaje con solo 4 tornillos por apretar. La calibración cuesta un poco más pero es muy intuitiva desde el menú táctil. La calidad de las impresiones es muy buena, teniendo en cuenta usar PLA de calidad. Por todo creo es la mejor impresora del mercado para iniciarse en esto de la impresión 3D.

  • November-17 2020 13:23:44

    realice la compra desde Colombia y se demoró en llegar un poco más de dos meses ya que tocó realizar un cambio de tienda, en ese tiempo el servicio de banggood fue excelente, siempre respondieron, la impresora llegó en perfectas condiciones, muy bien empaquetado. falta ver el desempeño de la máquina. 👍👍👍


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