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  • 2020-05-26 04:53:56

    Fast delivery and easy checkout. The package and printer packaged very well. Setup was very easy and quick. German instructions and suitable tools as well as spare parts available. After I had to search for a profile on their website, I also found a suitable slicer profile on the Internet for Simplify3D. Everything is on the USB stick for ReptierHost. Processing great. Very neat structure and great design. Fan and the motor driver are very quiet. The LED at the hot end is great. The first own print

  • Yuriy D
    2020-01-21 00:32:51

    Перший мій прінтер, але він просто шикарний за такі гроші. Якщо користуватись слайсером який радить Artillery (Slic3r), то врахуйте, що він друкує дуже жорстку підтримку, яку потім не можна відірвати, тому я перейшов на cura. І ще важний момент, якшо стіл чіпати руками, то заготовка перестає

  • 2020-10-26 12:58:31

    Great build quality, a heavy, solid machine. Wiring management is exceptional, there are no loose wires. Easy to set-up following the instructions, I had it printing in a few hours. Print quality is also great, bed adhesion works good as well. I also love the lights, it looks cool too. Would recommend, I believe it's the best printer for the money.

  • 2020-06-13 13:29:59

    Das ist mein 2. 3D- Drucker und ich muß sagen, der Kauf hat sich gelohnt. Die Lieferzeit betrug 2 Wochen aus CZ nach DE. Das Produkt ist ausgezeichnet verpackt. Die Führungsschienen sind sehr sauber, frei von irgendwelchen metallspänen, was bei meinem 1. Drcuker nicht so war. Die Installation ist in 30 min erldeigt, Anleitung in Deutsch war beigelegt, eigentlich nicht nötig. Vieles ist dabei selbsterklärend. Es liegen auch Flachbandkabel als Ersatz dabei, die beigelegten Werkzeuge reichen aus. Die

  • 2020-05-08 18:17:38

    I'd never used a 3D printer before, so was expecting to have a tough time getting it going. Instead I have it built in less than an hour, and then had a few successful test prints before beginning to produce PPE for care workers, it's been running for a few days now and not one faulty or failed print. Genuinely impressed and couldn't recommend enough!

  • 2020-04-26 05:32:13

    Spool holder is bad, you have to adjust the width every time (screws) if you have multiple spool sizes. Configuration as described in the manual is not good (with Repeater). Use Ultimaker Cura and follow this : https://3d-nexus.com/newsroom/news-announcements-m/3dn-artillery-sidewinder-x1-and-genius-cura-4-5-machine-and-profiles-installation-package-released Instant best prints with this configuration. Also you can follow this guide to get the quality even further (not done yet for me but it seems

  • 2020-04-20 17:33:21

    I ordered an ender 3 from creality because of the 5-8 day quick delivery, it was delayed again and again until I lost patience and cancelled. This was offered on a 1-2 day delivery and arrived the next day. It was very straight forward to put together, I was a little worried after watching videos showing how you had to get every little bit perfect. There are a couple of cheap little nuts that rounded a little in tightening with the provided spanner until I switched to my own rachet for tightening.

  • 2020-04-09 18:30:11

    Value for price : I've seen a lot of printers on the market, some cheaper, some far more expensive. I've owned cheaper and the results were terrible, I've seen the really great results from expensive printers, my results with this printer are just as good. Quality : big, strong, sturdy, well put together, 10 minutes after opening the box it's ready to print and it prints fantastically well. No modifications required. Appearance : Personally I think as printers go this is one of the best looking

  • 2020-04-08 06:02:33

    It arrived quickly, and well packaged. My only annoyance was even though I am in the UK and ordered from a UK stockist it came with an EU plug. luckily it's only a standard PC/kettle lead and I had one around. Setup was simple and I was up and running within an hour. The test cube on the USB stick printed well. It's easy to navigate the menus, and simple to figure out. Bed levelling can be a little tricky, but it didn't take me long (though I've seen in groups people can struggle with this). Just

  • Tizon
    2020-04-03 02:25:28

    Todo perfecto, viene muy bien embalada, la pedí un domingo y llego un jueves muy rápido. es fácil de montar y sorprende lo silenciosa que es. Viene una pequeña pieza suelta dentro del embalaje pero no consigo ver de donde es y ni san quiera si es de la maquina.

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