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Sharmman 2020-10-08 16:57:52
This is a good flood flashlight of max 6.300 Lumen but do not justify the use of triple XHP50.2 leds that can exceed 10.000 Lumen. QN3109 is a bad direct mosfet choice since it's rated as 1,5mR RDSon but full gate charge must be >4,5V and results over 10mR loss at turbo mode and can't handle continues current over 15A , Nexperia series would be a far better choice. Any high current 21700/18650 >15A will always provide the maximum current draw of 15A since AWG20 LEDs wiring is too thin for over 15A with essential voltage drop , therefore the use of special batteries like Samsung 21700 T30 is useless. By factory default maximum current is 15A > 3X5A => 2100 Lumen/Led if latest flux bin is used , so maximum total output is 6300 Lm without optics. Conclusion : EC01 is a far better choice with also 15A current draw on led that will provide less 1000 lumen but double light density and throw.
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