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  • March-04 2020 00:09:34

    Отличный, удобный, компактный и очень яркий фонарь! В зависимости от мощности аккума, из-за отсутствия стабилизации, может светить очень сильно! На моей высокотоковой батарее удалось разогнать его аж до 8000 люмен! И это что-то с чем-то! У него широкий, размытый хот-спот поэтому

  • August-31 2020 08:35:07

    Супер фонарик! О-о-очень яркий, но при этом компактный и удобный! Его удобно переносить в любом кармане, кнопка отлично выступает над корпусом и легко находится и нажимается. Имеет широкий, разливной хот-спот, потому вблизи с ним приятно ходить. Но и в даль светит ярко и далеко

  • July-16 2020 03:50:25

    FIRSTLY - I only paid £39 for this with a discount code so my views are based off of that price. I don't think this is worth the full asking price to be honest. ..with that being said here's my review... Feels great in the hand, good weight with a 26650 in it; you definitely feel it's in your jacket pocket. no rattle with a 18650 in with the spacers (don't have a 21700 sadly). I had calibrate the temp settings when I got it as it was saying the idle temp was 45C. The Turbo mode ramps/steps

  • June-06 2020 17:18:59

    This is one of my first Astrolux flashlights and I could not be more satisfied with my purchase. The quality on this is outstanding!. Based on this light alone, I will be purchasing more Astrolux flashlights. The good - The machining and finish of this light are excellent. The stainless steel bezel arrived highly polished. The lens was crystal clear without a single defect. - The button actuation is very solid and satisfying and the blue standby light is nice - The standby lights when the unit

  • May-20 2020 19:52:24

    The finish on this one is amazing, it has some marks here and there but the actual design and finish is like jewellery sparkling. I purchased the sliver colour, with the 4000K HI CRI LED's, it has PWN which i didn't realize at the time i usually check for that, most people said they couldn't notice, you can't look at it and see it, but you can feel it. Charging works great, using EFEST 26650 35A battery, I can't verify max brightness (lumens) but it is very bright. This one does step down very

  • March-05 2020 14:49:16

    Excellent flashlight, not so big but powerful. It is a pocketable flashlight. Bought version with SST20 4000K High CRI emitters which i highly recommend. The color rendition comapred to 5000K diodes is unrivalled. Take a look yourself in attached photos. You can see other flashlights for size comparison.

  • February-19 2020 17:13:13

    Wonderful flashlight. 4000k SST20 CRI 95. Good fast shipping. Original box ok condition. flashlight tested all working. All secondary led works. Came with strap and extra washers. Very well made for the price. Anduril UI is a pleasure to use, candle light, lightening, bike flash, party and tactical strobe, sunset, beacon. Nice weight for carrying and using long periods. turbo is impressive for small light, high CRI brings out the colors. can see clearly. can use 18650 26650, 27100 with

  • January-29 2020 21:10:51

    Wohoooo it made it to the states, beautiful light, packed full of features and smooth ramping plus turbo that will knock the socks off yo grandma. The USB C port is neat and handy. Comes with 21700 and 18650 spacers. I prefer a 26650 that way I can run the trippy aux lights during divination class. The best part is I can turn them off when I'm headed towards station 9 & 3/4 to save energy during the long train ride. Although it uses a thicc battery it's still quite portable and the stainless bezel

  • January-14 2020 12:15:28

    This flashlight looks good and it’s size is small enough to make easy to carry. It is my first 4000k tint flashlight, a bit yellow looking but color rendering is really good. Pleasant to use indoors. Great with USB charging. Only problem is the finishing and quality control, at least with the one I received. It has several scratches both on the tail cap and the body. Not what I expected from an Astrolux flashlight in this price range, so a bit disappointing.

  • February-03 2020 09:49:35

    Bardzo dobre wykonanie, jasność w trybie turbo bardzo dobra, lecz czas działania trybu turbo w temperaturze pokojowej to około pół minuty, potem latarka robi się ciepła i zbija moc.

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