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Libove 2014-12-12 23:04:06
I'd been concerned that these might not be bright enough, as some other reviews had commented on preferring brighter variants of this type of product; but for my use - a closet about 80cm wide x 50cm deep with solid shelves spaced about one every 20cm, putting one of these lights on the side wall of each shelf works nicely. The sensors sometimes need a quick wave to wake up, but this is most likely because I mounted the lights on the vertical side walls; if the shelves were 10cm taller each and I could have put the lights horizontally attached underneath each shelf I assume that the sensors would have better view. So, I think they work well. The battery compartments have a very thin, fairly rigid pair of clips to hold the AA batteries in place. At first, I was afraid that I would break them just getting the batteries in to place. As these lights are LED and only function on the occasion that I open the closet doors, hopefully I will not be replacing the batteries often; but until several insert/replace cycles have gone by, I will have a small concern that the battery holders may not last long. I would buy more of these.
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