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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • November-21 2016 09:42:28

    Нужен был GPS для квадракоптера с монтажом на стойки - этот вариант подошел отлично.

  • April-29 2018 01:34:54

    I love the idea of this GPS module having the standard 30.5mm hole spacing for a flight controller stack. I have mounted the module on the top of my stack in an S800 build and it fits perfectly. The issues I have are with the performance of the unit. I’m finding it takes about 10 minutes to find enough satellites to enable arming and flight which is pretty terrible. 10 minutes with no airflow is not good for other components such as the VTx! Other people at the same place with the similar priced

  • February-26 2019 03:39:21

    3.01 firmware, glonass, galileo compatible. Cool that it can be mounted in the fc 30.5x30.5 stack. Soldering pins not showed on Bg pics. 8 sats near window. Recommend.

  • September-02 2017 06:42:28

    Swopped the original rev A GPS on my 3DR Solo to a BN-800 dual constellation GNSS. Now receiving both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously. Seemed to hold position better now. Just need to rewire, no change to default settings.

  • February-17 2017 06:23:20

    Отличный GPS, ловит и GPS и Глонасс Покупаю уже второй такой

  • February-09 2018 06:24:53

    Works with GlonaSS and GPS. has standard 30x30 mounting holes. Gets easy 21 sats!

  • April-03 2020 00:29:52

    eines der besten GPSModule die es momentan gibt

  • June-27 2016 00:06:11

    From what I read in the ublox manual and how this receiver behaves, it is a M8M and not an M8N. Also there is no "EXT CORE 2.01" message on boot which would be expected from an M8N but not an M8M. The difference is that the M8M version does not have nonvolatile flash memory to store the configuration. The receiver only stores settings in On-chip BBR (battery backed RAM) which lasts as long as the installed battery, certainly not over night if switched off. Although the systems runs very nicely, I

    Yorumlar (1)
  • March-29 2016 17:19:46

    Just installed this on my Pixhawk Lite - had to pull the pins from the connector and insert them into the plastic plug of the Pixhawk Lite as the plug supplied with the GPS was not compatible at the flight controller end, but this is something drone builders are used to. The signal I get from this is truly staggering. 17 Satellites within a 3 minute cold start at first power up (connected to U-Center with FTDI adapter). After installing in my FX-61 Phantom, and powering up, I got 17 satellites within

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  • September-01 2015 01:18:02

    I got this as a replacement GPS for my Quanum Nova / Cheerson CX-20 because I killed the original one. This one has a build in compass, you need to build a wire to your GPS Port and to your I2C Port by yourself because the supplied one does'nt fit on any Flightcontroller I know. But if you have made a working cable It works like a charm, I get up to 20 sats (old GPS had maybe 7-10) and a HDOP down to 1.0 wich is crazy accurate. It would be nice if the cable supplied would be useable, at least

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