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  • May-14 2020 13:16:23

    Diğer sitede yarı fiyatına satılıyor. Burdan aldım hızlı gelsin diye. Yoksa iki kat pahalı burada. Ama cihaz iyi.

  • July-19 2019 06:38:41

    Works great, it's pretty fast to warm the water, and it is not super noise, there's some noise while it is circulating the water, but otherwise it's great. The scroll wheel it's also a bit stiff, but perhaps it is like that for better endurance.

  • August-08 2018 06:09:25

    Just received and putted on the test...so far looks very promising the temperature rising is fast and it’s almost no noise- super quiet. highly recommended

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  • November-27 2019 14:07:12

    Arrived in good time to Romania (15 days). Tidy packaging. Works right out of the box. Quick heating time - approx 30s per degree centigrade. Useful instructions in the insert. Looking forward to extended use. Below pictures of heating water and cooking chicken breast @65 deg C for 55 min.

  • April-11 2019 16:47:49

    excelente produto chegou muito rápido recomendo 100%

  • October-03 2019 03:21:14

    perfect, best buy and best service

  • September-21 2019 07:10:24

    başarılı. teşekkür ederim

  • August-19 2019 03:53:18


  • March-15 2020 17:27:26

    Easy to use and silent. I've used it a few times and never had an issue. Also I ran a 6-hour test (during some beef cooking), at 57 degrees celcius it with a temperature data logger in a 10lt PP container without insulation, to see how stable the temperature is. Temperature fluctuations were there, but well under a degree celcius, so I guess its fine.

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  • July-19 2020 14:26:56

    overall good product, too early to have tested for everything.....tried some vegetables and poached eggs, both great.....maybe small adjustment on the setting of the temperature.... 👍


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