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JoGeo 13/05/2022
The flameproof build material feels solid. It has matte finish all around and weights 386.5g (without cable and plug). Has eight schuko-type AC outlets with each one to feature 4 protections. In addition, there are four sturdy USB outputs (1 x Type-C and 3 x Type-A). At the back we find two special designed holes for mounting the surge protector horizontally or vertically on the wall. The on-off switch turns on-off the USB ports as well as the AC outlets. Next to the on-off switch are two discreet blue LEDs for power and ground indication. The three USB-A ports support a total of 3.1A output. In PD3.0, I measured a max output of 1.7A 11.8V for the USB-C port. According to my protocol detection test the supported output protocols for the Type-C port are: PD3.0 12V 20W, Samsung 5V/2A, Vivo Dual Flash 5V 9V 12V, Qualcomm QC2.0/3.0 5V 9V 12V, Samsung AFC 9V 12V, Huawei FCP 5V 9V and Huawei SCP 3.3-5.5V 25W. Sadly, none of its USB outputs supports Xiaomi's protocol, Mi turbo chage. You can check the screenshots for the Type-A output protocols. I also tested the AC outlets using high power consumption devices such as: large TV, 800W PC, steam iron, toaster and they worked without problems. The BW-PC2 surge protector has zero watt consumption in stand by mode.
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  • ioann1s πολύ καλό review! μπράβο!

    Cevap 14/02/2023
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