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wilhil 05/10/2020
Even better than expected. This projector replaces my 4 yrs old Excelvan CL720 projector and it outperforms the old one in everything: Better (full HD) resolution, brighter, bigger screen at the same dstance, zoom in option, not only vertical, but also horizontal keystone correction, a bit less noisy and with built in stereo speakers that produce almost acceptable sound in case of need. There is a filter at the air inlet that prevents dust from getting in. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly (vaccuum cleaner), but unfortunately it is impossible to take it out and replace it without dismantling the whole projector. The colors are vivid and realistic and the image is sharp even along the edges. I am impressed. Chapeau, Blitzwolf, I take my hat off for you. I bought it during a flashdeal at a good price and it arrived in exactly one week from a European warehouse. No extra taxes were charged.
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  • Adminen I also have a 4 years Excelvan CL720 projector, which in my opinion was extremely washout colours. How is those image quality compared with the vp6?

    Cevap 12/11/2020
  • wilhil @Adminen Image quality VP6 is much better. Not only are the colours more lively, but it also projects a much more well defined image due to higher native resolution. CL720 picture was not sharp along the edges, this one is sharp all over as long as you don't use too much keystone correction.

    Cevap 01/12/2020
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