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2018-04-29 23:10:33
In this price range, you expect two things - poor quality and poor performance. I was excited that I got neither in this purchase. The first thing you feel when you open this up, is the weight of it. Don't get me wrong, it is not heavy, but it also is not light. either. And that is due to the build quality. This thing is made of aluminum, which not only feels good and looks great but it is also a quality step above most bluetooth speakers int his price range. It is much higher quality than I would have thought. And it really has that nice high end look. With few buttons and inputs. It's just a clean design. How about sound quality? It soudns much better than I would have thought. I really appreciated that Blitzwolf put reasonable specs on this speaker too. I see too many manufactures say their speaker can play usable down to 20hz (which is not possible for a speaker this size). Blitzwofl puts an honest number of 100hz to 20k. Which seems about right. It will not hit real low notes, but should be more than enough for a small unit like this. overall, I am really pleased with this unit.
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