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  • 01/09/2020

    Impressionante a qualidade desse projetor, para um produto tão pequeno e portátil! No início apanhei um pouco, pois as letras estavam embaçadas, cheguei a pensar que era defeito de fabricação, mas vi no controle remoto que dá para ajustar o foco ainda mais, depois que fiz isso ficou perfeito! Recomendo os produtos da blitzwolf! São de qualidade e preço justo!

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  • 18/08/2020

    Projector was in great shape when I recieved..just a minor scuff on top were the touch controls are...the projector when I first fired it up and I thought.. WOW..this thing is awesome and pretty bright...did not have much time in testing it yet..but auto focus works well and a very sharp picture and fan noise is really low when set on level 1.. I also have the smartidea D29 model to compare the 2..you will see in the pics below..the blitzwolf is on the left side always in the Pic.. the brightness is the same between both and I have also a 4k video shot of both and they look the same.. The ports are all the same and the DC imput is the same size on both 4.0*1.7mm and I tried my powerbank on both units and it does the same it will not charge them and the led just blinks is all it does...not sure why it does not work...also there is a little trick to do if you do not know this as you can make the whites more white also making the other colors more enhanced is by holding down the HOME key until the little 3D menu pops up and leave it on off selection and press the OK button and the screen will go blank and when it comes back on the whites will be more white and also other colors more enhanced.. But NOTE this only works when running the projector on the battery only as if the power adapter is plugged in it will not work..this you see in the last 2 pics. Hope this helps some people out...but a great product and thanks. 😊

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  • 12/02/2021

    daha once bir projecsiyon cihazi kullanmadim tabi televizyon performansi beklememek lazim ekran görüntüsü olarak ama bu fiyata alabileceklerimizin arasinda en iyi özellikli gibi gözüküyor sadece benim beklentimin altinda degil ama tahmin ettim boyle olacagini ses olayi normal duzeyde fazla beklenti icerisine girmeyin bi Bluetooth speakers la cozebilirsiniz ben ole yaptim sony bx-01di galiba bunla cozdum jbl go 2 serileride esdegerde tavsiye edebilirim tv den sikilanlar icin rahatça oyun oyanayayim diyen icin guzel seçenek daha da ne soyluyum telefon yansitma screen morringle samsung tlfn uygulamasiyla guzel sonuc verde yarim saniye kadar gecikmeli sanirim oba bluetoth versiyonu 5.0 olsa olmazmis heralde bu kadar

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  • 04/01/2021

    Very happy with this projector. Excellent picture quality. I reckon the sweet spot for optimum quality for brightness is around 80” projection (this works well with a dim ambient light daytime, or a room dim lamp also lit in the room), however you can go larger, then a dark room is best. Battery life is appox 90 min. It also lacks any settings/options to adjust picture pre-sets or manual brightness/colour/contrast settings. I have uploaded some images with some ambient light in the background.(My wall is not pure white). Auto focus and Air mouse remote is responsive. Good contract ratio. Colours do pop out with nice sharp image. It is a pity only cannot be charged from power bank. Speaker Volume is adequate, however some media played has low sound. I used and app (Volume Booster GOODEV) available on play store. Raising level between 5-8% works wonder.(do not go over 10% as it might blow up the sound amp chip.(BE CAREFULL) BlitzWolf BW-VP4 300 ANSI Lumens 1920x1080pixels Can anyone shed some light on the ANSI lumens advertised (I am sure that is not true) for All below, having very similar look/ hardware/ configuration/Android OS Version/ layout/ ports/ remote. Just differ in brightness Lumens.(except the 2 producing a 540dpi resolution. I have seen a user who owns a Blitzwolf and a D29, being 600 ANSI lumens looks a bit dimmer next to Blitzwolf with 300 ANSI picture comparison. Smartldea D29 600 ANSI Lumens 1920x1080pixels Smartldea D29B 500 ANSI Lumens 960x540dpi AUN D9 200 ANSI Lumens 1920x1080pixels TouYinger K3 DLP 250 ANSI Lumens 960x540dpi Vivicine T12 600 ANSI Lumens 1920x1080pixels WZATCO D2 1000 ANSI Lumens 1920x1080pixels Will be glad to get some feedback. Let me know your comments.

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  • 31/03/2021

    perfect projector. the bluetooth remote works as air mouse and its amazing. its the same as SmartIdea D29. just buy it, its the best on market. came from Czech in 4 days to Hitlerland.

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  • 08/11/2020

    very good projector. You must always know that the photos are always brighter than the original view. Note that the screen protector is 2.0 gain but it didn't have a noticeable difference with projecting the picture in the wall.

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  • 31/08/2020

    Following further tests and comparisons between various projectors and with various test patterns, I wanted to make a further reflection on the Blitzwolf BW-VP4 projector that despite the quality is not actually comparable to a real full hd projector (the VP4 is equipped with a dlp230np chip which simulates a full hd resolution but with a 960x540p matrix) is a great portable alternative because it is light and small, with adequate resolution, great brightness and colors that look perfect. Made with excellent materials and seems to be a really valid alternative to much more noble and expensive portable projectors of similar size. pity only for the battery a little underpowered and a software that is not too optimized that sometimes has some slowdown and difficulty in decoding video files without alternative players. I hope for a software optimization that will add some functions such as video mode adjustment and better compatibility with the various audio video codecs. In conclusion, the BW-VP4 probably won't be the best portable projector on the market, but it sure is for its price range because at the current price point it's impossible to get better.

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  • 22/10/2020

    ürün iyi güzel ama ampulünün olduğu yeri bir kere açtıktan sonra kapanmıyor fotoğrafta olduğu gibi kalıyor tek sıkıntı o şu anda kullanamadım kullandıktan sonra başka sorumu var mı öyle görücem

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  • 18/09/2020

    Questo è il secondo che acquisto, e confermo i pareri positivi della prima recensione.

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  • 08/09/2020

    Very good image. It doesn't need full dark to watch. Good quality. Secure packaging.

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