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reedadam 2020-08-10 16:23:22
Really, this is my best spent 64USD in the last few years. Basic version,nit the smart but totally nice unit! Of course not Full HD, 4K or whatever, but really decent picture comoared some Epson Full HD office projector, considering the price of course. You will pay much cheaper price, but the pedformance would not much lower. If you are searching something for a family movie night, watch football that eould be more than ok. I tried in different rooms with different light conditions, this projector needs the darkness, but not total darkness required. Even in a summer garden, to the neighbours wall the movie was really enjoyable. The sound is not so good, I used with 3,5 jack to an external speaker. Menu and setting options are minimalist, but enough to do the job. Parallax correction will generate distorsion at the edges, bet from camera stand tripod that was not an issue. Mounting screw could be balanced better, it is not in the center of gavity at all. Additional support can be used to additional stability, but only the mounting screw is enough, just not not perfect. Fan loud is not so quitr, but not distubing if the video is not quite. Sometimes you will notice the noise, but easy to get used to it. Remote is simple, not working from thr side of the projector, only from front and back of it. Only concern: The fan is switching off suddenly after you are switching it of. There is no after cooling. Finally I can offer, if you are searching smoething reallay entry on a cheao price. Childrens really liked it! Hopr it will be durable as well. Sirry for the gas pipe in the pictures:) (upper line). The picture is about 5-6m in diameter, projector distance was also lot more than 3m. Of course focus was not sharp, but it was still very nice to watch the movie at night.
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