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JoGeo 08/01/2023
I've been using the Coolmoon ARG converter for a couple months now and I'm extremely happy with it. It arrived neatly packed in a nice box. Apart from the controller, the box includes a remote control (battery included), a power cable (4-pin) and a motherboard 3-pin cable for music sync. The color backlit panel of the controller box can be adjusted via the remote control. Brightness and colors of its LEDs are amazing. You can adjust speed, brightness, colors, modes of the connected fans. There's even a mode save function for instant access to your favorite mode. It offers control through the motherboard as well. The ARGB functions work without problems. It is powered via a molex cable (detachable). The Coolmoon controller is compatible with any 4-pin fan, I tested it on expensive and cheap 4-pin fans which all worked perfectly. It supports up to 10 fans and 2 LED strips. I didn't notice any overheating. I'm glad Banggood exists and offers a variety of quality ATX case accessories at low prices.
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