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  • 2020-02-26 04:07:58

    As this is my first printer i am very happy with it. I don't have much experience but it does the job perfect for me. The cube style frame is very stable and the assembly process is very easy. After the bed is levelled you are good to go.

  • 2020-10-01 06:59:55

    Packing was very good; product arrived nearly perfectly and nearly undamaged. However, the X carriage was oddly skewed and for that reason the bearing wheels were slightly damaged. Might be due to shipping or faulty assembly. With some skill I managed to repair it but this might not be the case for other users. The printer is quite noisy but produces good quality prints. Overall I am satisfied with the product. I highly recommend purchasing the silent upgrade motherboard (third party or form Cr

  • Sylvain
    2020-04-30 07:09:17

    Délai un peu plus long que prévu mais emballage soigné.

  • 2020-05-13 09:56:37

    perfect ender 5 model. fast delivery, good packaging, everything included. would buy here again!

  • grexx
    2019-07-12 01:48:38

    Erhalten wie bestellt. Der Zusammenbau war einfach. Es ist mein erster 3D Drucker daher kann ich keine Vergleiche ziehen, aber ich bin Top zufrieden. Macht einen wertigen Eindruck. Der Schweizer Zoll schlug noch 66 Franken oben drauf.

  • sdtonin
    2019-06-17 12:38:52

    impressora top, fui taxado em 371,00

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  • 2019-09-09 20:09:36

    Chegou hoje depois de 38 dias corridos de espera, tudo intacto, fui taxado em R$ 498.00, excelente qualidade de impressão e velocidade muito boa.

  • 2019-10-22 09:17:32

    Nice product !

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  • MartinN
    2020-08-15 08:44:31

    A very good introduction printer, but you will be wanting to upgrade the electronics to reduce the noise. Good value, and self upgrading the electronics is cheaper than getting the Pro version that has them already included. Plus you get to pick your upgrades. :) Definitely a tinkerers machine, so be prepared to work on it every so often.

  • chico
    2019-11-09 17:46:59

    Very nice product and fast shipping! I can recommend it very much to beginners and advanced professionals, first cube test was 20.1/20.2/20.0mm and that is really amazing. The included PLA filament is not that bad as it seems to be normally with included filaments 👍 Heatbed is also warming up very fast and assembly was easy! 5Stars,very great!


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