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  • Jerry
    2020-01-09 14:50:04

    The LCT-TC1 component tester has its own internal rechargeable battery. This makes this tester very portable. I bought one and liked it very much and just bought two more. It helps me identify transistor or diode is functioning and its gain where applicable. I used it to verify value of resistor or small capacitor before solder/weld into kit project. In this order one of the LCT-TC1 units fails to turn on. The charge light goes from red to green but fails to power on with button. I will seek help

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  • Isaac
    2019-10-31 16:21:26

    Sub Order Number:73953987 Order Status:Shipped New Order No. 73506632 Order Status: Split DESCRIPTION: DANIU LCR-TC1 1.8inch Colorful Display Multifunctional TFT Backlight Transistor TESTER. (US$ 17.99) The transistor tester does not turn on, the screen is off. The tester was charged until the green led turned on, then a transistor is placed to make the measurement but the equipment does not turn on as shown in the photos. Thanks Isaac

  • rissole
    2020-06-13 17:12:39

    Excellent addition to any electronics enthusiast's tool kit. Very useful for quickly and accurately checking most electronic components. Unit comes with a complete set of leads and even some components to test the device.

  • j1and1
    2020-03-01 04:34:11

    great product for the price! it can test various components and it also has an IR receiver to look at the codes sent by remote. It has a rechargable lipo battery and that's a big plus as there's no need for 9v batteries for a hw like this.

  • hitech
    2020-02-13 15:01:02

    One can test nearly all of what's in your DIY-electronic box. Resistors, capacitances, transistors, diodes, triacs, LEDs, and so on. Great gadget for good price.

  • bme280
    2020-10-25 02:47:00

    Arrived safely with the box and manual. Not all transistor tester comes with the box and manual, so this is a good seller. Working fine. The LCD was loose fitted so I opened the case and attached the LCD with the double side adhesive tape.

  • 2020-04-07 11:05:45

    Nice product. Very handy to test on the fly some components. The information on the display is clear and easy to read. The test hooks have low quality and have a too small cable, but it easy to substitute them with others. The first one I received was not working but Banggod send a new one and it works perfectly.

  • Daniel
    2020-01-09 16:14:43

    I gave the maximum because I wanted this device and it is a very useful and good device in electronics. But I was disappointed when I found the display moved inside. Probably from transport. I'm glad it wasn't broken. An improvement should be made by fixing the display. But I solved it quickly and easily by opening the case and re-positioning it. Now it is OK. Thanks

  • Angelo
    2020-01-08 02:44:52

    cumpre o que promete, acessórios que vieram juntos são que qualidade muito ruim. A embalagem poderia vir pra m um plástico bolha, porque a caixa dentro da embalagem plástica chegou aberta e amassada

  • 2020-08-25 01:31:10

    First, Banggood has a great customer service, they reply quickly and have been very professional and helpful, thanks! Item received fairly quickly, exactly as described except the item I received is defective. When turned off, for some unknown reason, it completely drains the battery. At first I thought it was a defective battery, I changed it for a new much bigger LiPo, but the problem persisted. So I ended up soldering a on/off switch directly to the positive of the battery, and problem solved.


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