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  • March-13 2020 06:13:15

    It is a nice designex box useful like a micro welder power source but also any other device. It is eloxed aluminium which looks great. Nice box.

  • August-02 2020 08:29:10

    I am so glad that they've made this case for the T12. It finished off my Diy t12 project It's a perfect size, not to big.

  • May-04 2018 17:21:45

    Since the control board was changed there is no need for the hole in the front panel for the calibration potentiometer so I changed the position of the LED to use the hole for that. I fitted the front panel backwards to hide all the branding and lettering, I think its better with a cleaner look. I also cut and shaped 2 pieces of tinted perspex as windows for the digital display and the heating indicator LED, it tames the very bright LEDs of the display a little.

  • February-20 2018 08:45:35

    Contra: power switch, only single pole, no good for a metal case, 4 points for appearance! Neutral: front plate for LED version only, no plate for OLED type Pro: excellent fabrication quality, very low gaps, very good anodizing! I changed the power switch for a two pole illuminated one and worked a new front from black acryl. Together with the STC controller (from BG) and a cheap supply lying around here i got a very comfortable and absolutely well working soldering station! Its DIY, if holes are

  • November-29 2017 07:40:57

    Ich habe das Metallgehäuse bestellt, weil ich es schöner als das Plastikgehäuse für den Bau einer Lötstation finde. Was ich leider nicht bedacht habe, im Innern des Gehäuse sind keine Befestigungspunkte zum Befestigen des Netzteils. Das in der Beschreibung über dem Zusammenbau der Lötstation gezeigte Netzteil, konnte ich leider nicht finden, also habe das Netzteil "Geekcreit® 4A bis 6A 24V Schalter Energieversorgung Board AC-DC Power Modul" gewählt. Dieses habe ich dann mit seitlichen Halterungen

  • August-24 2017 08:20:22

    Простая и прочная конструкция. Поскольку в регуляторе используется импульсный преобразователь, рекомендую для лучшего экранирования использовать именно этот корпус, а не пластиковый (тоже предлагаемый на BG).

  • October-31 2017 05:22:27

    Отличный корпус , всё в наличии, только лицевую панель немножко пришлось доработать напильником. Подставка для паяльника куплена отдельно.

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  • October-31 2017 15:12:42

    С чем я столкнулся при сборке. 1: Сетевой кабель 2: Нет крепления для платы (блока питания). 3: Переднюю панель пришлось подгонять под плату.

  • May-25 2017 16:30:44

    The housing is made of black anodised aluminum with drilled panels for temperature controller, 220V power socket and switch. It comes with the necessary screws and the panels are inscribed. A quality product.

  • April-14 2017 03:29:57

    Great case for T12 soldering station (http://www.banggood.com/Digital-Soldering-Iron-Station-Temperature-Controller-Kits-for-HAKKO-T12-Handle-p-993248.html?p=W024148132309201612B) If you need power supply this one fits great inside: http://www.banggood.com/4A-To-6A-24V-Switching-Power-Supply-Board-AC-DC-Power-Module-p-969204.html?p=W024148132309201612B


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