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  • 2016-07-21 11:06:45

    У сканера который я получил внутри не те детали которые бы заявлены. На последнем фото на фоне деревянной поверхности и линейки ясно видно что должно быть внутри, однако это совсем не то что вы мне прислали, вот фото.

  • 2019-12-06 15:42:15

    Thank you. Good .

  • 2019-11-21 04:09:47

    good product

  • 2019-10-08 07:36:38


    2017-07-03 23:45:31

    I downloaded an Android app and it gives more diagnostic information than I had anticipated. I paid for a cell phone app ($4.99) to avoid the ads on the free apps. I'm sure the free apps work fine but I preferred the extra screen space of diagnostic info that the ads take up. I had an car check light on. I got the code - P0440. Googled the code and found the it was a gas vapor recapture system issue which is usually the gas cap. I went to the AutoZone web site and looked for a gas cap and found that

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  • 2016-04-02 06:25:01

    Получил менее чем за месяц. В комплекте был диск с программами и драйверами. Подключил к своей машине- Тойота Королла 2007г. Соединение без проблем установилось. Считал ошибку - оказалось у меня не мотор умирает, а только катушка зажигания на 4-м цилиндре иногда сбоит. Вздохнул

  • ayoke
    2018-01-02 04:47:40

    it works fine. I have issues with heating problem and while driving, I can see every detail of the ute. A friend of mine got his car engine light in the dash and I found the problem and remove the light easily with this

  • 2017-03-26 13:31:58

    The product is quite good. I use it with my smartphone using Torque. However, the software that was in the package is really bad. Just for start, the CD was full of malware; then, it was uncompatible with Windows 10... The article is really nice, but you have to use other software.

  • nfsndrg
    2016-06-18 18:37:03

    Very Good product and works with my android application Torque. I used it to diagnose both a Daihatsu Sirion 2007 and also a Cirtoen Xara Picasso 2003

  • 2018-07-16 02:15:32

    works good

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