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  • 24/06/2022

    Questo elicotterino NON è il solito usa e getta, è completamente smontabile con un cacciavite a croce molto piccolo. I due gusci della carrozzeria sono ad incastro molto preciso, l'albero del rotore gira su 2 cuscinetti ed è completamente smontabile. L'elettronica è molto precisa e se le eliche vengono bloccate dall'erba va in protezione e bisogna spegnerlo e ripetere la procedura di binding con il TX. Anche con vento forte mantiene la direzione e la quota impostate con precisione, ma se viene allontanato diventa molto difficile riconoscere l'assetto. Per questo vorrei guidarlo in FPV e per avere una buona portata ho sostituito camera e VTX con quella in 5,8 della foto; è molto facile , basta sfilare la spinetta, tutte le connessioni sono con spinetta. In volo il rotore vibra, dovro' equilibrarlo sia nel peso che nel passo, il foro di fissaggio delle pale ha del gioco con le viti, percio' mettero' delle viti di 2 mm adattando i fori. Solo con il rotore equilibrato si puo' usare in FPV altrimenti l'immagine balla troppo. I comandi sono molto diretti e le correzioni un poco violente e l'elicottero obbedisce ma a scatti e ondeggia, senza un comando esponenziale dovro' almeno allungare gli stick per rendere piu' armonico il volo. Non credevo che fosse cosi' robusto, ho urtato una casa al secondo piano ed è caduto sull'asfalto senza rompere nulla. Ho aperto anche una lipo perchè non credevo alla capacità dichiarata, ma debbo dire che è molto grossa, la capaità dovrebbe essere reale. l'autonomia mi ha stupito, è veramente tanta e non ho ancora scaricato una pila completamente perchè con l'immagine traballante non posso usare l'FPV. Cambiero anche l'antenna della trasmittente per avere una buona portata, è troppo fatto bene per stare sotto i 100 mt Brava EACHINE, questa volta ( ma anche altre) ti sei superata !!! Spero di trovare i ricambi !!!

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  • 01/06/2022

    I immediately repainted it in black. It is cool!

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  • 13/07/2022

    Awesome flier. If you a a beginner or on expert this chopper will have you in stiches with laughter. Such great fun. See my Youtube review for more details. Highly recommended 10/10 Skypilot score!!

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  • 19/08/2022

    Adorei esse modelo, muito fácil de pilotar, ótimo para iniciantes ou aliciar a sua coleção. Qualidade da câmera muito boa. amei. recebi sem taxa, Recebimento rápido. Att! Maxhobby

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  • 17/06/2022

    Mega easy 2 fly, overall a very good product 4 this price. Beginners and pdos have fun with this little heli. Go ahead eachine ur models all very good. Greetz Enrico

    Orjinali göster
  • 11/10/2022

    this helicopter is F****** awesome the camera isn't that good but it makes up for that with sheer fun it is super fast and I got around 14 minds flight on a full charge I highly recommend this helicopter

    Orjinali göster
  • 11/08/2022

    Ótimo produto.

    Orjinali göster
  • 03/10/2022

    Bardzo fajny helikopterek. Dobrze się nim lata. jest szybki i zwrotny. Szybciej stracisz go z pola widzenia niż zgubi zasięg sterowania. Sygnał z kamery przestaje dociera na odległości ok 70-80 m na otwartej przestrzeni. Trzeba uważać przy manewrach bo przy opcji zmniejszania wysokości potrafi przejść w tryb wyłączenia i poleci w dół jakby go odcięło. Generalnie jestem bardzo zadowolony

    Yorumlar (1)
    Orjinali göster
  • 05/06/2022

    All all received, Thanks Banggood. The Eachine E110 is nicely designed, packaged and presented and flies a treat, unfortunately in my example it is let down by the almost unusable and poorly designed 'Sentry' App, at best the App is intermittent, it can sometime take a photo, maximum video recording time appears to be 2 seconds and very, very laggy. I had all App permissions enabled for this review. If ever there was a model to be suitable for 5.8Ghz FPV it would be this one, Lets hope Eachine will produce a 5.8Ghz version. Another point of of note is there is NO mobile phone holder on the transmitter, something that is telling me this model was not thoughtfully planned for in its development stage. So all in all, an excellent subject for FPV based upon the Black Hornet military drone but with better pre-production thought could have been a real winner but as it stands needs revision to some aspects of quality control and user experience.

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  • 15/06/2022

    so the good news: Flies as well as my E129. Altitude hold works about as well. comes with 2 batteries. Looks like something we were told the "future soldier will carry onto the battlefield" some 10 years ago. the bad news: the "optical flow" doesnt do anything. like my 129 it drifts wherever the slightest breeze takes it. turn on a fan anywhere near the supposed "rated" windspeed and its blown into the nearest wall. to be honest I didnt expect the optical flow or the wind resistance to work as advertised so am not really disappointed the ugly news: a phone app and wifi camera?! who does that anymore? Im going to try to remove it and pop in a eachine TX06 cam/vtx system. enough hot glue should do the trick, probably kill battery life though. All in all, I bought this because its a decent replica of the Black Hornet drone I saw at the Spy Museum in Washington DC a few years ago. If camera mods dont end up working, it'll still make a neat shelf display model. note: theres a button on the app for "firmware' but whether its connected to internet wifi or the helicopter, it always says "unconnected". I dont expect the stabilization to be updated so this feature isnt likely implemented at all either. If you want to buy a mini helicopter and don't want a collection, the e129 is a prettier bird and feels a little lighter in response. If you're expecting something that can hold position in any breeze at all, or even none at all, avoid this one regardless of the supposed features it advertises (the first video review on the product page is really on-point). If you want something that flies and resembles the historical "wild west" of "future drones" back when anyone would believe anything and spend millions for it, then e110 is not a bad deal.

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