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  • 02/04/2021

    Very good product for novice. You get all you need for beginning to fly fpv. Fly more set gives you a lot of batteries. Resolution of googles is low, but I expected worse result. 4 starts because packaging is not good enough - throttle tsicked was jammed inside the case and did not worked. One plastic part was partially broken. For my luck I could get it all together anf now its working again. Hope this will not brake easily in future...

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  • 30/12/2020

    Habe diese Drohne gekauft weil mich das FPV Fliegen sehr interessierte ich aber nur weig geld investieren wollte.... mein Fazit ...... TOP..... klare empfehlung Alles kam zügig bei mir an... nichts kaputt, alles in Ordnung. leider war kein passendes Netzteil dabei (hatte zum glück ein passendes hier) akkus und Brille geladen....und ab gehts die beiliegenden Propeller sind relativ laut aber sie funktionieren. Habe mir die auf den Bildern gezeigten hier bei Banggood direkt dazu bestellt und die Schaumstoff einlage in der Tasche angepasst. Die 10 Akkus kamen alle mit Lagerspannung!!! 👍🏻 Sie werden geflogen bis sie Pro Zelle noch 3,2V anzeigen (unter Last bekommt man dort ein Akustisches Signal) das sind dann ca 3,8v reine Spannung und so können sie wieder in der Tasche gelagert werden ich Fliege bisher nur im Haus mit einem Akku (es können zwei eingebaut werden für mehr Power) ich sitze im erdgeschoss und kann durch den keller und die obere etage Fliegen ohne das die Verbindung abbricht oder ich schlechtes Video Bild bekomme. zur Brille muss ich sagen das man kein HD bild vor die Augen bekommt.... es ist aber trotzdem gut und man sieht alles was man brauch bin Brillenträger und habe ein Breites Gesicht... trotzdem geht es ohne Seh Brille und das ganze sitzt sehr bequem am Kopf ich kann das set jedem ans Herz legen der lust hat das FPV fliegen zu testen KLARE KAUFEMPFEHLUNG👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • 19/07/2021

    ok, honest review now after 7 days of straight flying.... the good awesome carry case, compared to the Emax Tiny Hawk 2 Freestyle, 100% better. and a good case IS important. flight time is good. takes a good beating, mind you my crashes have been pretty gentle. batteries are nice and tight everything is modular, easily replaceable, tiny hawk is NOT the screen isnt bad for the money spent, range seems to be about 500 yards unobstructed, LEDs are bright as hell and cool at night tiny hawk dosnt have em controller is actually really nice, fly more option with 10 batteries is the way to go. camera angle set really low of the hop which was nice to get used to before making it more agressive, the TH2FS felt like it was always looking at the sky. antenna is replaceable! nice cause I caught mine on the cloths line during a dive, poof gone, but I ordered more rather than need to soldir another one one. Now for the Bad stuff headset is tiny, better then the Emax TH2FS because you can see the whole screen. antennas should be replaced right away for better penetration of simple objects, ie trees. why does it not come with its own power sourse? I had to get one at a thrift shop, 12v 2000mA charger feels a little cheap, and is frustrating but functions well enough i guess. Probably factory defect but one of my batteries blew up like a baloon and got hot while i was flying it... no idea why not quite as powerful as the Tiny Hawk 2 freestyle ... well that might also be because the novice 2 has twin blade props instead of tri blades, so less grip? battery cables are always getting in the way of the props, and getting cut... when I try run with battery the controller beeps LOW BATTERY really loud at me. its annoying All in all... price was fair I guess for the product good entry level drone. it is not for indoors, start with a huge field these things are fast!!!! wanna get your kid started start with the tiny whoop version looking to stick with eachine and keep the controller, upgrade my goggles, and get a Nazgul 5 next!!!! happy flying and try not to get divorced lol

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  • 26/04/2021

    i het deed 3 weken voor dat het verstuurd werd kreeg hem de 4 de week en mensen vergeet niet de stekker voor de oplader ik vergat die te kopen alles is compleet 1s/2sbaterij is voor hoe meer power

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  • 30/12/2020

    The Drone is perfect. Price is awesome for this package. I can't think better option for a begginner. Googles are a little small but havr very good display quality. Fsi6 transmitter is allready a champ for its price.

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  • 13/12/2020

    Everything arrived as advertised, however I did have to come up with a suitable power supply for the battery charger.

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  • 24/11/2020

    Good entry level drone. Flying very good straight out of the box, roll rate can be pumped up a bit.

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  • 21/08/2021

    The drone itself it's awesome for FPV beginners. It flies like a charm, it's fast and pretty easy to control if you have used a simulator before. Before flying make sure to disable Motor_Stop on Betaflight and set motor idle to 7-9%, otherwise you'll have an hard time doing flips or powerloops. VTX is fine, just grab a Patch Antenna and a Mushroom/Pagoda to get a much better range. I'd rate the goggles 4/5, they work fine, they have autosearch and the video quality is not bad, but the screen is too much magnified and it looks to close to your eyes. The Radio is pretty basic, but it works pretty well, unluckily it has a slot for 4 AA Batteries. Make sure to buy Flysky data cable to update the firmware and go from a 6ch radio to a 10ch one. Last tip: use a ziptie, a cable tie, or anything else to make sure that the battery cables won't get cut by the blades, because otherwise they will, just trust me on that. Spare parts are not as cheap as the drone itself, and they do not sell the drone without radio and goggles, so probably the best thing you can do is to buy a used one to get spare parts.

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  • 28/08/2021

    Ready to go right out of box! This drone is easy to set up and control. This drone is fast and fun.

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  • 01/06/2021

    noice little drone got it today. 13day delivery to Sweden. just had to charge batteries and googles and play much fun but verry sensitivity on sticks but need to go on betaflight i heard god kit for the price.

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