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Denes 2017-11-08 13:51:00
Ok this took a while but figured it out at the end. So how to make it work if you use iOS: 1. The QR codes are swapped. The one on the left that says iOS links to the Google play store. Use the one on the RIGHT that says Android(!), that's the correct link to the uTools app on the App Store (in the UK at least). OR, you can simply search in the App Store for for uTools; i've attached the screenshot what it looks like. Install it and open. 2. There is no Eachine icon in the uTools _at_first_. But once you connect the R051 and turn it on (not sure if the order matters, but make sure the little switch on the side is in iOS mode first), it APPEARS. That was a big relief. Once it appeared it stays there even if you disconnect the receiver so it's a kind of self-install by uTools. But obviously, don't unplug it now :) Tap on the icon, and the rest is fairly self-explanatory. Click on the big Play button and you get a white noise unless you are accidentally on the right channel; normally this is the point when you want to turn on your drone and press (and hold for 3 sec) the SCAN button on the R051, watch the scan go through the full frequency range (wish i made a screenshot), it doesn't take too long, and voila! We have picture! The frame rate could be better (on my old iphone 5, might be better on newer models), but not too bad, and the same applies to lag. There is a bit but acceptable. All in all, not too bad for a start, we'll see how it works for the long term :)
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  • RikkTheGaijin Thanks, I was waiting for a review, I have an iPhone and when I tried the uTools App and saw that there was no Eachine icon inside, I though it was a scam. I might pick this up when the price goes down. I don't understand why this one costs twice as much as the one for Android only. Couldn't they release one for IOS only and price it the same as the Android one?!

    Cevap 2017-11-09 05:35:15
  • haplm Man, you have saved my day. Thank you so much for this writeup!

    Cevap 2017-11-09 13:49:34
  • Neu1teiger Did you test the latency of that thing?

    Cevap 2017-11-21 14:18:24
  • georgi You are the Man! Tnx!

    Cevap 2017-11-27 19:01:31
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