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  • 01/04/2021

    The Razor is a great airframe and an excellent flier. It's a clever design, the parts are sturdy, assembly is easy, and the plane comes easily apart to fit in a compact box. It's a great plane for a backpack or to pack in a suitcase. BUT... The stock prop and spinner are trash; they are difficult to balance and introduce a lot of vibration. Toss them and buy a quality 40mm aluminum spinner and blades for 3.17mm motor shaft. This is a big plane for the recommended 2S 18650 lithium ion pack. Get high-drain lithium ion cells rated for at least 20 amps continuous. 10-amp cells can't keep up; the plane lacks power and flight times are short. If you want long flight times, consider building a 3S 18650 pack (two cells forward, one to the rear) or a 2S 21700 pack with Samsung 40T 4000mah cells end-to-end extending under the wing. With a 2S Samsung 40T pack, I get 30-40 minute flights. Too bad the battery compartment isn't big enough for a 2200 mah lipo, which is what this plane really needs. The FPV battery hatch cover accommodates a simple camera like the Runcam Racer3, but there isn't enough clearance between the hatch and the battery to easily fit a camera/DVR setup like the Runcam Split 3 Micro. I wound up building a camera pylon to mount the Split 3 Micro on the hatch over the flight controller, with the DVR board mounted on the bottom of the hatch cover. For short LOS flights, this plane is great right out of the box. With a few easy mods, it's a great plane for longer FPV flights. Either way, replace the stock prop. It's trash.

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  • 20/11/2020

    I pre-ordered a Razor FPV-version on September 22nd, 2020 and the delivery to Germany took a little longer than expected. But today I got a nice parcel with no damage. The Razor looks pretty good, is very similar to a ZOHD Drift and a bit bigger. It is very easy to assemble in less than 15 minutes. Then you just have to install a receiver and a battery and configure the FC a bit, since it is apparently a downsized ZOHD KoPilot. I am already familiar with the Drift and will maiden my Razor as soon as the whether is okay again and I do not expect any problems.

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  • 19/11/2020

    これ狙ってる方、注意してください。私、大きさも値段も手頃だな、と思いKITを注文したのですが、サーボのコネクターが小さいサイズのコネクターで翼の付根に変換の基板を付けて通常サイズに戻して受信機に送ります。 サーボは翼の取り付け部分に少し切込みを入れてやれば9gの物が簡単に搭載出来ます。やはり問題はコネクターですね。それと配線の長さも微妙に足りなくなります。 モーターも2208 2600KVAでバッテリーは2S 1100〜1500mAが推奨されてます。 当方、2212 1400KVA 3S 1000mAで何とかしよう、と思っていますが、モーターの取り付け穴が手持ちの2212 2206もピッチが違うので長穴加工をして取り付けようと思っていますが半完成機なので相当に苦労しそうですW。 あと、ラダーを追加しよう、と思っていますが、サーボを載せるスペースは確保出来そうなので何とかします。 サクッと組み立てて今度の連休に飛ばしに行こう、と思っていましたが、こりゃ無理だ。

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    Das Modell ist gut angekommen und schaut auch gut aus bin gerade beim zusammen bauen und umbauen. Eine Mutter hat gefehlt wo Rumpf mit Heckrohr verbindet. Wer nicht gerne schraubt sollte nicht die Modellvariante Kit nehmen. Wo man Motor Regler Servos Empfänger selber besorgen und einbauen muss. So mehr kann ich leider noch nichts dazu sagen.

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  • 08/05/2021

    This is the kit Razor, great fun to fly. I have two and both needed to have to be reset for each flight, found that both had a crack between fuselage and boom, easy to fix with a bit of glue and both fly smoothly and almost effortlessly, comes highly recommended

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  • 01/03/2021

    Great little glider, its very well made and its easy to fly. The FC in it is very good in that it's radius is about 70 meters 1/2 that of the ZOHD Kopilot yet it circles at about three times the altitude ( about 250 feet) so its much safer in RTL mode. If you accidently nose in in a hard crash the head on the single nylon M3 nut holding each wing in place will simply snap off and you can expect very little damage UNLESS you were going WAY too fast into the crash. Do NOT expect to get the CG set properly with the recommended 2S 18650 3500 MAH battery but it's fine when the battery is pressed back towards the tail if you use a lighter pair of 18560s cells in the pack. Its very easy to fly in Stabilize mode. The VC-400 Cam's rez is fine for flying it ( tho not that great with the prop spinning) and it does display the remaining Battery Voltage, and the duration since it' was powered ON

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  • 20/11/2020

    Turned up well packed with no damage. went together easily, no glue just a few hand screws. Very happy with the quality of the parts and the way they fitted together. I got the FPV Version and it came with the flight controller, GPS and servo's installed. The camera is a rebadged ZOHD VC400-CP, the flight controller is very basic you can't change the gains but it has have voltage monitoring and will return to home when the voltage drops to certain level. Comes with the choice of 3 different colour decal sheets Except for the motor position it's basically a larger ZOHD Drift? Just waiting for the weather to improve for a test flight.

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  • 11/11/2020

    nice product and designe, easy to build, but not test yet, hope it fly well

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  • 25/06/2021

    Das Gyro und der GPS-Sensor wurden entfernt und durch eine konventionelle Empfangsanlage ersetzt. Der Propeller war auch nicht zu gebrauchen und mußte ersetzt werden. Beim Aufbringen des Dekors musste ich mein handwerkliches Geschick einsetzen. Es lässt sich nur schwer von der Trägerschicht lösen. Trotz allem ist es ein schönes Modell geworden mit ausgezeichneten Flugeigenschaften. https://youtu.be/-aUfME6aFsI

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  • 28/02/2021

    Love the Eachine products. This is no exception, went together well and flies like a dream. I did swap out the prop for an alloy 8 inch foldable one though, no problems. Great value for the money... Highly recommend.

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