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tarasz 2018-06-29 07:13:58
Using this dashcam together with "VIOFO Car Dash Camera CPL Filter Lens Cover" at 1920x1080 60 FPS, had a chance to drive and record in good and bad weather. Video quality (incl low light evening conditions) and audio quality is SUPERB. In normal daylight license plates are human eye readable in video recording ~5-7 meters. In low light license plates are human eye readable in video recording ~3-5 meters. If you look at video frame by frame in video editor, license plates can be discovered @ even further distances, by applying minor sharpening filters. Only 2 things that could be considered as 'problematic' with this model: 1) Line departure warning and front collision warning reset video quality to 1920x1080 30 FPS, which is probably still ok for city/slow driving, but definitely suboptimal for higher speeds. 2) Capacitor charge hold time varies a lot, i.e. after engine turned off the cam can go off anywhere in 20 seconds to ~3 mins. Compact form of this camera together with SUPERB image quality is all one should care for in a dashcam in this price range. Highly recommend!
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