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  • 27/12/2021

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Build quality, at least the mechanical part seems ok. However, I haven’t had the chance yet to fully assembly it. I’ve notice some differences into product description compared to actually package content (for some it will be ok, but for me these kind of changes into product list components shall be communicated and agreed with customer): - EU adapter plug is missing and I cannot power the control board, currently; - Control Board is different and has built-in stepper motor drives and cannot be replaced (just in case one gets burned) – played before with these drives and they are tending to get very hot and proper passive or active cooling is required; - Power Supply received inside package is with fixed voltage 24VDC, compared to the one from advertise products, with variable voltage used for spindle speed control (selectable 12VDC till 24VDC); I’m happy with this kit and seems to be a god choice for hobbyist, still I would love it even more if would have received exactly what I have thought I’ve bought.

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  • 04/07/2022

    Bonjour,coté matériel, j'ai du repercé les trous de fixation des axes Z , trou de 4,8 a l'origine, du fait d'un décalage des trous de fixation sur le support du profilé 2060, j'ai du fraiser en oblong les trous pour ratrapper ce décalage et les vis de 5x25 étaient manquantes ,j'ai du les remplacer par des 5x30 avec rondelle que j'avais, a part ces "petits" problemes ( que je conseille de vérifier avant montage) ,le produit est correct , répond parfaitement a mes attentes du fait de la rigidité et de la perfection coté finition des ajustages des éléments de guidage , Merci A+

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  • 23/09/2021

    Arrived in perfect condition. Nothing was bent. Easy and quick to assemble. The frame is nice and strong. The bundled power brick was useless (wrong plug) so I replaced it with a better 500w psu. During my first job the X motor would skip steps. The culprit was loose JST connectors on motor cables. Easy fix is to glue them in place. Good product overall.

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  • 28/12/2021

    Very good luttle machine. i did some tuning and it cuts aluminium well.

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  • 17/05/2022

    spedizione Velocissima, merce come descrizione... prezzo vero affare

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  • 14/10/2021

    I just received it. it seems heavy construction. we will see the result in our first attempts.

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  • 06/05/2022

    nice but still small hiii

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  • 17/06/2022

    Out of the box the cnc router has some issues, mechanical it is a nice machine with the help of youtube you can assembly it quite easy. The motherboard delivered with the router is an "upgraded" model and not the same as on the picture. The power supply is really light and i opend it but did NOT trust it. I used phoenix contact industrial power supply 24v 10A. The spindle is mayby 50 wattsjQuery111302193672082739111_1655490625080 The spindle cause high voltage peaks due to the lack of filtering and will disturbed the serial communication so that the machine suddenly disconnect (quite often). As an electrical engineer i suggest that the controller board and the spindle should be on a separate power supply. The software on the machine is gbrl so you can update it quite easy. I added some zero switches to make the machine more safe. Also added an emergency stop button. I think i will redesign the motherboard so that i have a proper controller board. What is also funny is that if you open the box the warranty is suddenly gone according to the sticker on the box. Thats a little bit weird. Overal i'm happy with the mechanical part not so happy with the electronical part. But i already guessed that it wasn't that great. I will upgrade the spindle but not with the NOT mains isolated spindle of 500 watt you can buy over here. IT IS NOT SAFE TO USE.

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  • 21/07/2020

    Maszynka złożona wszystko działa i nawet wycina;-) silnik zamieniłem na większej mocy. Profil aluminiowy 2020 pasuje do większego silnika. w razie pytań, pytać.

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  • Paul

    the packaging is great. everything seems to be packaged nicely. Every part of the machine is metal and looks professional. overall it looks like it's going to be a great machine. I'm excited to try it 🤗

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