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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • December-15 2020 18:12:28

    Got the product for $50 on Black Friday. Came to Canada after 15 days. Very satisfied with the product. It had very nice packaging. They feel smooth, there's no rough feel. The pinging noise can be removed if the spring is lubed. There's lube in the switches but very minimal. This is my first time using a tactile switch and it's pretty good to type with. Overall, for the price of these switches, I must say that they are great and worth buying.

  • November-06 2020 17:06:19

    does not have the invyr logo to it as displayed in the pics. sounds good to type abit on the heavy side when you press. good purchase but for the price id rather buy legit holy pandas from glorious. shipping was fast.

  • November-26 2020 08:21:43

    Really good switch for the price. I have Gateron Browns, Cherry Browns, Drop Holy Pandas, and Glorious Pandas to compare and these are a clear winner over Gat Browns, Cherry Browns, and Glorious Pandas in sound and tactility. What impressed me the most is that they have zero pre-travel, which is rare to get on cheap tactile switches. Compared to Drop Holy Pandas, these are not as good, but they are better than Glorious Pandas in my opinion. I would not recommend using these stock as I noticed lubing

  • November-05 2020 04:50:35

    better than brown

  • December-18 2020 02:20:19

    Very nice

  • November-21 2020 06:56:20

    Good switches with a tactile bump for a great price. Be sure to lube the switches for the best experience.

  • November-18 2020 06:19:50

    So, these are a bit of an interesting switch. I'm actually typing this review with them, and have been using them fairly extensively over the past few weeks. I'll start this review with my honest feedback: These are worth every penny I paid for them, and I recommend them for a cheap tactile switch. This is not a paid review, and I did not receive these for free or anything, I paid full price. Okay, so these switches are quite obviously a clone of the popular Holy Panda switch. They have a very similar

  • January-07 2021 18:57:35

    Good Switches overall but pretty inconsistent. Some have real tactile bump very similar to Holy Pandas some are basically linear...50% 50%. The problem is that the metal leafs are not stiff enough to make the bump perceptible. I took the first leaf and pull it halfway out and bend it so it have stronger contact and they are now all working properly but its time consuming. If you have the patience to invest time in the switch its worth every penny. Nice packaging took 4 weeks to arrive, good customer

    Yorumlar (1)
  • November-10 2020 19:50:26

    These are some amazing switches for the price. Like, wow. Typing on these right now, and I can tell you, they're really snappy and superbly tactile. No wobble, sound pretty great stock and lubed with 205g0. I love the tactility at the start, it's not too much or too little. 100 times better than gateron browns, and as a linear guy these are the first tactiles that I truly enjoy. If you're hesitating on these switches, and are looking for some great tactile switches, don't think and just buy. You

  • January-05 2021 11:05:03

    These are just as good as the Holy Panda, I have Holy Panda from Drop, made my own using BUSN Panda and halo stem and compared them to these, they are 99% the same. You might get 1 or 2 bad switch in the bunch but for the price its amazing.


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