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  • VIP1

    En si la bañera de calidad muy aceptable, comoda ideal para adulto de estatura mediana alta

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  • 27/07/2020

    Very pleased , quick delivery , quite well designed and roomier than I had anticipated . It is of course made from PVC , so would not withstand sharp objects or overly rough treatment but handled with reasonable care should last a reasonable length of time . As previously stated I am VERY pleased . It arrived at my door this afternoon in a very small and surprisingly lightweight box, totally undamaged , which in itself is somewhat of a gamble these days with postal services and couriers being what they are . The zip up top is simple but very effective , it really does maintain the heat for a lengthy period of time , it is currently very cold in the tiny bathroom that I have in the unit that I am in but I was very pleasantly surprised at how long it took before the water started to cool down .Actually fell asleep in the bath , owing to a failed spinal operation it has been extremely painful to have a simple shower and this bath is going to be an absolute joy . Soaking in a nice , padded , sauna type unit will do more good than any amount of botched up ops. The 3 main individual air chambers are handy , the way they are designed allows you to inflate 1 or 2 or the whole 3, which of course means that the water can be 6 inches -12 inches or the full 18 inches deep . In itself this could prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways , e.g. water conservation , safety factor for the very young or the aged /infirmed . The only con with the unit as far as I can see is the little cheap and nasty foot pump , total waste of time , I was lucky insofar as I already have an a.c. powered pump as well as a d.c. pump , either of which are dirt cheap to purchase anyway and certainly worth while getting . All in all , it is worth every cent of the purchase price . If you do not expect to get a Rolls Royce for the price of a basic bicycle than You should be more than satisfied . It is what it is and it does all that it is meant to do . I personally am 100% satisfied.

    Orjinali göster
  • 26/11/2019

    Груз шел ровно 14 дней. Доставка: прямо к двери. Состояние упаковки при получении: хорошее. При вскрытии: коробка, к которой скотчем прикреплена помпа. Разрезав скотч получил такой прикольный звук, что еще раза 4 мял помпу прикалываясь от звука!!! Так что и настроение поднял.

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  • 17/10/2019

    good product

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