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  • 17/07/2021

    Review of Gamakay TK-68: I have purchased this item on the 1st of July, 2021, and was delivered to me within 14 days. Considering the current Pandemic scenario, that's very good, to be honest. Now coming to the keyboard I will categorize this review into few parts. 1. Build Quality: The case is plastic, but there is a weight to the keyboard considering the plastic build and it feels premium. The keycaps are PBT double-shot. I've purchased the ASA profile one. It is also available in XDA. Now in this price range getting PBT double shot is very nice. 2. Connectivity: There are 3 connectivity options available. Cable, Bluetooth 5 (That lets you pair with 3 different devices), and a 2.4 GHz dongle. No again this is a steal of a deal because no other keyboard gives you a 2.4 GHz connectivity option. I've used mostly the cable and the 2.4ghz one and there is no drop in connection. 3. Battery Life: This keyboard comes with a 1900 mAh battery that they claim to last for around a day with moderate usage without the RGB and 6 hrs with the RGB. Now with the ASA profile keycaps, the RGB light is barely visible so I use it without the backlight and it lasted me for around 2.5 working days without charging the keyboard. 4. Key: I'm a linear switch lover, and I've bought the one with Gateron yellow switches. Though the switches aren't lubed the stabs came pre-lubed. But the application of the lube was not very accurate and generous. So i had to re-lube the switches and the stabs. 5. PCB: Hotswap 3-Pin Sockets. You can easily replace it with any MX-Style switch of your liking. 6. Other Features: The keyboard also comes with 2 levels of alignment feet if you want to slant your keyboard. Overall Verdict: If you're a first-time keyboard enthusiast who is looking to get into this hobby, I think this is the one to buy. If you are into this hobby but looking for a budget option then also this is a great keyboard to buy. Typing Test: https://youtu.be/Axk_qfy1MDM

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  • 21/08/2021

    I think this is the best purchase I have ever done. the look and feel of this keyboard are so good, with brown switches and an XDA profile, typing feels good. you get three modes to connect and the lights are crazy. I really wish they had backlit keys but it can be modified, so it's chill. Anyway, a happy purchase!

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  • 26/06/2021

    The keyboard arrived in 6 days which is commendable. The blue switches were cheaper but I changed them with the browns I already had. I also modded the stabs and added foam. Now it sounds awesome.

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  • 29/06/2021

    El día de ayer lo recibí y estoy encantada, estéticamente es muy bonito y las luces son configurables. Trabajo programando y es una delicia teclear. Una gran compra sin duda, a pesar de que me tardó mucho tiempo en llegar, vale la pena la espera. Lo único malo es que pesa, si es para traslado hay que tenerlo en cuenta. No obstante, lo recomiendo.

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  • 17/09/2021

    This keyboard is simply the best thing I've ever typed on. Butter smooth and the build quality and feel for the price is second to none. The spacebar doesn't even need modded (nice and thoccy!) Got the Gateron Yellow switches with mine and will lube them because I have some Krytox there, but they honestly don't even need it. Very happy with this!

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  • 16/10/2021

    The keyboard is great, however, there is an issue I have encountered: If you press Ctrl + Backspace or vice-versa, the keyboard enters test mode and the backlight goes white, this is an issue which should be fixed with a new firmware release. To exit the test mode, you either have to factory reset the board, disconnect it from PC or press Fn + Pg dn. Waiting for the new firmware.

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  • 22/10/2021

    Looks and sounds good, really smooth typing experience, the lighting is nice too. barely any flex on the board. super easy to switch between my PC and laptop so I can jump between the two quickly

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  • 07/10/2021

    About the construction: It's very solid, but it looks like the underside of the casing is domed, and the keyboard "moves" as you press the down left and up right sides of the board. About the keycaps: They are really, really nice, the touch feel is really good and they looks very strong. About the software: It's good, I didn't try to use the macros, but at the future I probably will. Problems that I found: When I press "CTRL + Backspace" the backlight turns white and it's stand still. After this, the RGB colors returns only after press "FN + ". I found another user with the same problem at the reddit, it seems that this problem occurs only in firmware version 513.

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  • 13/08/2021

    Very happy with the keyboard. Looks great, keycaps feel nice, stabilizers are decent for this price range. The rgb is not over the top, which I prefer. I got the yellow switches and they are really smooth. All the other connectivity options and the hot swap capability is just icing on the cake.

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  • 29/01/2022

    EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED! Worth every penny spent with premium quality. This keyboard will be your best investment because a lot of the most expensive keyboards in the market do not even come with basic bluetooth features which is extremely disappointing. I hope Gamakay come up with a keyboard full size (with number pad full keyboard size) just like this and is Bluetooth wireless and has wired option. This is my first keyboard ever purchased and this is the best purchase. Thank you for the speedy shipment I ordered on Jan 19th and this arrived Jan 29th when expected delivery was first week of Feb. Wow amazing service. 10/10 another thing to keep in mind as this is Bluetooth version 5.0 which means it is most up to date and supports longer range for the Bluetooth connection. You cannot go wrong with this and I recommend brown switches if you are unsure as they personally are perfect for gaming and are not as loud as blue switches. Another thing is the back of the keyboard gives you two ways you can raise the height of your keyboard. You can have it slightly higher or a bit more higher. There is a click switch and you can just pull it up to adjust your height. Please check out the pictures as they show exactly as described.

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