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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (Turkey)
  • February-06 2020 17:49:24

    Um dos kits mais legais que já monte,i um pouco trabalhoso mais depois de pronto vale muito a pena recomendo pra quem gosta de eletrônica a diversão e garantida

  • March-17 2017 11:10:23

    I got this because I wanted some thing with a bit of a challenge and with SMD components. That involved more finesse installing the SMD than I was ready for. I found something on line for an SMD Beak to hold the parts while soldering but did not want to go to all that trouble to build that one. So I was able to make due with the one in my pictures. I used an old soldering aid I had and a straight pin and it worked great. Was able to hold the part while soldering one side then move it to the side

    Yorumlar (1)
  • January-23 2018 16:29:54

    This is an excellent exercise that I do not recommend for beginners with little knowledge of electronics and MDS. After having soldered the processor with 2 legs shorted, and turned on, only 2 LEDs were displayed. The processor was not working. After checking everything, only the generator voltage was too low. I reversed the two wires of the transmitter coil soldered on the mini pcb of the motor and now everything works perfectly

  • December-26 2016 23:05:22

    Very nice project. But i want to change language to English. How to do this by a simple step. Can i attempt this by using ardunio FTDI up loader and it's comes with 6 pin. if yes please help.. i have below up-loader http://www.banggood.com/FT232RL-FTDI-USB-To-TTL-Serial-Converter-Adapter-Module-For-Arduino-p-917226.html?rmmds=search

  • November-10 2016 09:18:52

    Great, I have succeeded on the first try. I only had a small hitch because of the infrared receiver LED and the connection of the motor, initially I welded them right but then I realized that these two elements were linked inversely. Anyway everything is ok for the transport of the product Very satisfied.

  • July-27 2018 05:03:57

    This clock was my dream. Thank you for this nice DIY Kit. Pleasure to do it. Nice working balance is very well calculated. It was worked at the first power on without problem. Buy without hesitation. Recomended seller. I took the pictures with my iphone thats why it couldnt cache the full frame.

    Yorumlar (1)
  • November-18 2016 16:20:58

    Compared with spheric it is less developed. The biggest problem with this: if you are not a perfect program developer and electrical engineer have no chance change the picture or text. Good toy but the spheric is better.

  • November-19 2016 09:52:03

    What a nice product, I thought. I was looking for something like this for long time and this is better than I expected. However, the clock is not working. I cannot even set the time. There are some strange characters when setting the clock and I cannot change them. See the attached picture. Already replaced the DS1302Z+ and the crystal. Also checked all the soldering, wires and connectivity between DS1302Z+ and the processor. No way to get it work. I have more than 25 years experience in electronics,

    Yorumlar (4)
  • November-05 2017 16:03:32

    I hand soldered the SMC parts to the board. It was fun, but watch the polarity of the IR diodes and receiver. While the instructions explain the correct way to connect them, they aren't what most kit builders would expect. When my kit was finished, the clock vibrated badly because the rotor was out of balance, but with a little trial and error, I was able to balance the rotor. I used a little hot melt glue stuck to the underside of the rotor circuit board, and now it runs smoothly.

  • July-04 2019 07:17:55

    Das Kit an sich macht Spaß zu löten und zu basteln, ist aber nicht für Anfänger. Der USB auf Seriell-Adapter PL2303 zur Programmierung ist NICHT enthalten und muss separat bestellt werden. Leider ist das aus der Beschreibung nicht klar ersichtlich - deswegen ein Stern Abzug. Ansonsten eine echte Empfehlung und ein Wahnsinnshingucker.


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