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  • 27/05/2021

    Děkuji za velmi rychlé vyřízení mé objednávky (tři dny)

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  • 03/02/2020

    Fast delivery It did not exactly fit my needs and expectations. The analyzer needs at least a 30dB amplifier otherwise it is as deaf as a stone. It does not even indicate a a local FM radio station with an VHF antenna attached to it - unless an 30dB amplifier is in series with the antenna. I intended it to use on the IF exiting my FT1000D as a spectrum display but the bandwidth and resolution are not sufficient for such an application. The lowest span is 3Mhz and the lowest RBW is 5Khz /Kc. The display is bright and clear and very good to read. It might be a good idea to buy an additional rechargeable lithium battery for it.

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  • 07/04/2020

    Improved version with screen that can be used stand alone without needing a computer to see results. Works fine but for lower signals a 30 Db amplifier is recommended. I've ordered one but iy hasn't arrived yet (or maybe is waiting me to pick it up at work when Coronavirus crisis ends). I've also ordered a battery toavoid having to power it via USB for full portable use.

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  • 09/02/2021

    practically speaking it is USELESS!!! it is completely uncalibrated and, even following the poor calibration instructions, doesn't help. and I am not talking of 1 or 2 dB but 10 and even more dB according to the frequency and the level of the incoming signal. in the attached picture you can see an FM video signal. the central carrier is the video one while the 2 lateral are the audio carriers, 6.5 MHz apart. at a RBW=100kHz the 3 are so distorted that it's impossible to analyze them! more over the 2 audio carriers seem to be some 28 dB down the video one: and that's not true! they are 15 dB down when measured with my spectrum analyzer!!! so this equipment is really useless and I am completely unsatisfied!

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  • 14/02/2021

    A good gadget, I use it with a noise source and a return loss bridge. It's a pity that the software is poor: a better way to set center frequency and span would be great!

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  • 09/07/2021

    ok . componenti perfetti . molto funzionale

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  • 22/04/2021


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  • 02/03/2021


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  • 22/02/2021

    Very satisfied with this purchase

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  • 04/09/2020

    This device does in fact display the spectrum of RF signals in the frequency domain, not Sure that the term analyzer is appropriate but it is billed as simple and handheld, generally it does work. The UI is a bit odd but once you get the hang of it, works well enough.No way to move a measurement cursor to a particular Displayed signal , which makes it awkward to Center the display onto a desired signal. Others have recommended it would need an RF amp to boost the sensitivity to enable “over the air” signals from an ant and I agree. All in all it does work and might be a relatively inexpensive way to fill a blank spot in a hobbyist test kit. Originally I received a broken device (damaged in shipment). I contacted Bangood and after a bit of discussion regarding pictures of the damage, Bangood did in fact replace the unit. I am actually pleased with the Bangood service. The problem was not created by he vendor but rather by the shipper. I have had several deliveries by DHL and have had issues each time, not to mention receiving a brokerage bill from DHL after they were good enough to break my goods in transit, ( now that is A full Service organization). I have given a very good review on customer service. A mediocre review on logistics mostly due to DHL awful performance, offset by Bangood’s excellent service in resolving the problem of damaged goods caused by DHL.

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