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  • 04/11/2021

    Great little car! It's 1/14, so smaller than a FY-03 (which is a 1/12, see comparison). High quality materials and construction: it has metal dogbones, aluminum oil filled shocks, a torsion bar in the rear and front LEDs that can be set on high beam or low beam. Ball bearings all around. The integrated receiver/esc/light controller works well, the servo is also fluid and precise - the only downside is that it's a 5-wire servo so if you want to upgrade it you must buy everything. The transmitter feels a little cheap but the controls are perfect. It has steering trim and D/R; for the throttle the "speed" knob is also a D/R: this allows you to set a lower maximum speed and it's safer if you let a small child use it. It's really fun to drive, but don't expect stellar performances because it has a brushed motor after all. In a wide open space it feels slow, but it shines in smaller playfields. The 2s LiIon battery has a unique connector, so I would suggest to swap it to a more standard one (like a XT30, or a mini-tamiya or something like that) - of course the receiver/esc connector should also be swapped. The supplied charger uses the balance port to charge the battery. If you plan to switch to a lipos, that would be a good chance to get rid of those connectors. Overall the quality and performance is very good for the price, especially if it's on sale. The scale appearence is also top notch!

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  • 12/08/2021

    Overall this is a well put together and extremely durable little RC car. The spec is really good for the money and includes oil filled shocks, a slipper clutch and full set of metal gears. Check out my full and in depth review at quadifyrc.com

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  • 28/07/2021

    Gute Verarbeitung und erstaunlich robust für den Preis. Steuerung sehr einfach. Lediglich das Akkufach ist sehr klein und es ist fummelig den Akku einzusetzen. Zudem findet man kaum passende Zusatzakkus in den bekannten Shops. Die meisten sind zu groß.

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  • max9131

    Carro de buena calidad, el poner la batería muy complicado, además el tipo de conector es bueno pero un parto para desconectar

    Orjinali göster
  • 07/12/2021

    This is the first time I've ever bought a R.C Car online. Came today, a week and a half to wait, so very good delivery, kept upto date with the tracking system, excellent instructions, have now opened up the car by 6 screws. Battery is charging, with such good instructions it was an easy operation to take it out the secure compact battery compartment. The car itself is of Hobby grade, with scale driver & navigator, wearing proper full body safety belts, the tyres have a well known chunky tread pattern. The suspension is very good, I've yet to check the oil and grease in the shock absorbers and diff covers. I grew up with my dad first doing real car rallying then real size circuit motor racing 🏁 I have always wanted an electric R.C Car but had not the money to spare, now I'm older and in recovery from an illness, have been watching Kevin Talbot videos along with Tomly RC as well. This hobby will get me out of the house, out on my mobility scooter, these small R.C cars, I can carry in one of the bags I already have got fix to the mob/scooter, very satisfied

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  • 23/10/2021

    I bought this buggy to use as a trail truck/woodland basher than I could fit in my rucksack through the coming winter months. I changed the oil in the shocks for 600cst, put thicker grease in the diff's and removed the rear sway bar for better articulation over obstacles. I had every intention of taking it for an initial run and then performing some modifications (fitting 1.5" crawler tyres and locking the diff's with silicone earplugs), after the initial run I don't think I need to make any changes, its perfect! Electronics: The transmitter works great, trim, steering rate and throttle rate are easy to adjust. The ESC/receiver, while it is a 2in1 works really well, and is properly waterproof. Its very responsive, the range is good and I didn't have a single issue over my run which consumed 2 battery packs. The servo is a 5 wire which initially I thought was an issue but it performs really well and if it fails in the future I will replace it with the same unit. My only gripe was the bespoke battery connector which I have never seen before. Fortunately I can solder so replaced it with an XT60 connector. The motor is a 390 brushed motor, which for this buggy in my opinion is the best option. The ESC provides it with excellent modulation; it can drive at walking pace with light throttle and spin the tyres and jump with full throttle. It has a lot of torque which is great on the trail. Buggy: The buggy comes extremely well equipped. It has a solid rear axle at the rear with a sway bar (easily removed). The front is independent suspension using inbound cantilever style. It has oil shocks all around, I recommend using a thicker oil in them though as out the box they are a little bouncy. The drivetrain is all metal apart from the inner diff gears, with bearings all around and even some rubber sealed ones! It even has a slipper clutch which is insane value at this price. The tyres are glued to the rim, and while they do feel a bit firm they provide adequate grip.

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  • 25/08/2021

    I love this truck! I have several HBX trucks and I have to say they keep getting better. I am amazed at the upgrades built into this truck for the price, including the oil filled shocks, metal bearings all around, metal front and rear drive shafts, full metal gears, vented foam-filled rubber tires, 2 sets of LED lights, and posable driver heads. However, I mainly bought it for its suspension set up. I wanted to try out the oil filled horizontal shocks and solid rear axle anti-sway bar suspension mated with a slipper clutch, and I can say I'm very impressed. The 16886 drives great, fun and nimble like the Protector (on a full battery), meaning it's fast and very controllable. It wants to spin its tires and the softness of the suspension just looks so great when turning and riding over rocks/bumps. On high traction surfaces like grass and asphalt it can flip on high speed turns, but on dirt and other smoother surfaces this thing rips and slides so beautifully. It loves to jump, but landing gracefully will require some skill as the front tires can catch and cause it to roll if not lined up, but that makes a good landing that much more rewarding. Unfortunately, there are a couple problems, which I'm hoping to be able to get resolved either via Banggood or HBX... 1. The battery connector is proprietary, so it can not be recharged with my Tenergy battery charger. Don't make the same mistake I did and buy the single battery version, since I cannot find a replacement battery in the US or on the Banggood website. Or learn how to solder your own Deans T-plug. 2. Out-of-the-box the front tires hop when turning at moderate speeds. I can't see anything wrong with the front axle, wheel or suspension, so 3-stars for customer service until I get a solution. I'm a sucker for the desert buggy style. In fact I also own the Wltoys 124018, HBX Protector and eying the HBX 2995 ;-). The 16886 can definitely keep up with it's bigger brothers, especially for the price.

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  • 23/09/2021

    It's really a cool little truck! I still need to figure it out, it drives a bit funny and might be a bit top heavy, but it's still good fun. Very good fit and finish from HBX as usual, high quality, value for money, all that! I did a video with it, check it out if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXLn7Kh3Vdg

    Orjinali göster
  • 17/08/2021

    ran for 5mins and pulled the whole thing apart. pretty quality build. shocks got heavier oil and the rear diff 100k. rear axle is tops. only weak spot I see is the trailing arms, but 4s here we come!!

    Orjinali göster
  • 07/01/2022

    El conector de la batería es realmente un parto desconectar, muy buen carro el habitáculo de la batería es muy limitado solo por eso le resto una estrella

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