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TMCCRC 04/12/2021
This is genuinely one of the best RC's I've ever tried! Super quick, durable, handles well and doesn't cost a fortune. What more could you ask for? Full metal transmission a real quality piece of kit. I think this is my new favourite RC! Mega quick delivery from Banggood as usual. I would strongly suggest getting some more batteries because one just isn't enough! 😊 For a full review check out the YouTube link below. https://youtu.be/tIhaf54TEtc
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  • BG441055725 https://youtube

    Cevap 16/03/2022
  • BG334640445 I would strongly suggest it because you can’t even get the driveshaft for it or the green truck and that’s what where’s is the driveshaft now I can’t even use it anymore

    Cevap 28/03/2022
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