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Stevej 15/04/2019
This is an excellent night vision monocular. It is really well made from quality materials and works perfectly. The images are very good and its brilliant that it can record videos and take photos. Its a fantastic piece of equipment which I use for watching wildlife and surveillance work. The infra red can be turned on manually or set in auto mode. Generation 2+ is very good night vision clarity. It is not too heavy and is comfortable to hold. The battery can be charged in the monocular and is a common 3.7 volt type (14500), so they are easy to get hold of and one can carry charged spares. One can also buy chargers for this type of battery to charge a couple at a time.. A fantastic piece of kit and highly recommended.
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  • humptrek I\'m looking for another night vision that has a green screen and video, I have two with green screens but I can\'t record with them. Please let me know if this has a green screen.

    Cevap 20/10/2019
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