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  • 2020-06-09 11:49:32

    on the first look they seem to be a good buy. quality looks nice, we will see how the work when i got them in my quad. nothing on the screws oder the bell which holds the propeller in position. i think you have to press it with the screw on the bell. we will see if this is enough. nice price, fast delivery - good job BG

  • 2020-02-05 09:38:49

    Impressively made Motors, good build quality with decent bearings and high tolerance machining. very nice n notchy feel as utilise a very small gap between armature and magnet, can't wait to get out to test them properly

  • 2019-10-06 10:55:16

    Great responsive little motors. Plenty of punch on 3S, monsters on 4S. These feel just as punchy as my 1507's. You can tell the magnets are strong because the ratcheting is super strong. Running these on 3030 tri blades gives them a great free style feel and a little slide in the corners. If you run a higher pitch prop these motors will turn your quad on a dime. Motors are quiet and bearings have no side to side play. Windings look super clean (neat). They are paired with a 35a 4n1 esc in my

  • Granvic
    2020-02-26 08:27:49

    Estos motores son muy finos y tienen buena potencia. Los 1407 se suelen utilizar para long range en 3 o 4 pulgadas como los 1404 pero un pelín más grandes. El problema que estoy teniendo es más bien con las hélices que no cualquiera sirven. Me vibran demasiado ya sea en 3 o 4s Lipo. Se supone que las mejores son las HQProps 3x4x3 para estos motores. son bastante eficientes dando tiempos de vuelo superiores. En la foto se comparan con unos 1607 del Tyro79 que son unos tragones de baterías y más

  • 2020-03-22 04:58:52

    Questi motori sono ottimi se desiderate un 3 pollici con ottima potenza e lunga durata della batteria. Con eliche 3042 e batterie Infinity 550mah si ha un autonomia di 4 minuti con volo freestyle. Consigliati

  • tim
    2020-02-20 11:52:47

    I ordered 2 purple motors as spare parts for my xjb145, there are awesome,so powerful, just perfect for freestyle... But, I received 1 purple and 1 blue, maybe the operator was colourblind... ^^

  • 2020-01-09 05:26:02

    todo perfecto, llego antes de tiempo

  • 2019-11-14 23:10:45

    I am very pleased with the products purchased. The ideal price-quality ratio. I honestly recommend it!

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  • Max
    2019-11-05 04:38:12

    Decent quality motor at a reasonable price with about 500g thrust. Definitely can't complain!

  • Juan C
    2020-05-30 15:09:17

    I’m running these on my 3” gecko with a huge smile on my face. performance should be their first name.


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