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TUSHEV 2018-05-13 21:10:45
It is a awesome aircraft, Just coming from outside and still feel the rush! So tiny and so potent! Lots of power, Fast, good video camera/ TX. smart audio. I could change the position of the camera to the higher holes available as alternative because I am getting lots of garbage i the lens and the props obstruct little the picture. When I set up in the Beta flight I had little trouble with s-bus FRsky RX - do not forget to unable in ports: UART1 Serial RX ! Other wise your s-bus receiver will not function and will not be recognized by Betaflight. Also , use the smart audio to setup power level and channels. the button its not working well and you can not see the indicator since is covered by the top plate. Watch some of "tronage" you tube videos for how to setup!
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